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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Is The Greatest Power #3

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_3 Mohini_Didi May 3, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, flying stage? A beautiful bird is shown, look at the bird and keep flying. So, we all also want our stage to be the flying stage, and the wings are zeal and enthusiasm. Baba says that for flying, you constantly need energy, power. That power is the power of zeal and enthusiasm. Baba always says that zeal and enthusiasm is the breath of our Brahmin lives. Sometimes Baba says that they are the wings for you to fly. What helps us to continuously have zeal and enthusiasm in every moment? Even if we have disinterest, vairagya, there is also beauty in everything. I remember that Dadi Janki used to love the ocean, so anytime she went anywhere, we would take her to the ocean. I asked, “Why do you like the ocean?” Everyone has different likings. She said, “Because when I look at the ocean, and I see the depth of the ocean, unlimited ocean, then I think of Baba as the Ocean and myself as a master ocean, and I feel very enthusiastic.” Anything you look at in a pure way and take interest, your enthusiasm will increase. Many times, it's not my duty, but I keep asking certain things, like I will find out what’s for breakfast today, lunch, dinner? So, some say, “Why do you need to know? Let them cook it.” I said, “Brahma Baba did this until the end, Dadi Prakashmani did this too, because it’s our whole life. It’s a family. So, it is good to know those things. Dadi Prakashmani, until the end, would look at prices. Brahma Baba would walk around the garden and appreciate the flowers. Baba used to love jasmine flowers because they smell so beautiful.

So, enthusiasm is not only thinking of my fortune, but also in practical life. I saw all the Dadis and Brahma Baba until the end, taking interest in expansion, stability, and the spiritual stage of children. All these different areas of life are very valuable and important, that is why Baba said from the very beginning in the Yagya, that whoever came, everyone had to do karma yoga. If you only keep sitting, reading and writing, that is also tiring. I remember that Baba used to tell us every night, “Whenever you have time, at least revise a few Murli points for those who cannot come.” So, each one of us used to share Murli points with four students, and they used to wait for the Murli, for the phone call. Baba used to say that when you revise the Murli, when you share the points of Murli, there will be a lot of energy, and you will feel the power. So, enthusiasm should also be in doing. When you do something, then you learn, you grow. I have seen that even if you have to give a talk, you have to churn, you have to think, you have to collect points and then decide how to present it. Your enthusiasm will increase. Being karma yogi doesn’t mean that we don’t relax or sit or don’t do sitting yoga, but there should be balance in our activities. There should be a good timetable.

So, I find that taking interest is connected with enthusiasm. Like when you read Murli in class, you are making it interesting, making it very lively, and making it very clear. This will increase your enthusiasm and the enthusiasm of others too. If I am not enthusiastic, I won’t be able to help others. So, the energy will become very dull, very boring, and will be still. Just like the scenes of Drama are changing, no day is the same. It is the same for us everyday at Amrit Vela. Every morning we are pulled for something different, so then there is enthusiasm. I have been waking up very early and I feel there is a lot of pull of Satguru Baba. I want to go really beyond and feel the signals from Baba. So, I wake up with the thought, and then I sit for an hour and a half to go beyond, to go above, to be with Baba. So, there is enthusiasm to get up. There is a saying, that if you are able to wake up early, it is a sign of good, spiritual energy, because that's the time between two and five, it is a very pure time, and there are a lot of vibrations around. These days, I have experienced that I just wake up and I am so fresh. So, there is enthusiasm to go, because there is deep silence at that time. To get signals from Baba, you have to have silence and total concentration. Whatever one has to work on in one’s own self, early morning is the best time, actually. Night time is when you do what you have to do as actions, but early morning is for deep silence.

So, you say, ‘enthusiasm is the great power’, and you feel it, then your whole day, your energy is very awake and you want to do, your thinking is clear. Otherwise, one gets tired very quickly. So, the power of zeal and enthusiasm is a power just like any kind of power, you have to keep recharging it, keep creating it, keep using it. Accumulation is not like being a miser, like I am not going to use any money. There are some of you who have money, you should use it, you should enjoy it, and do what you have to do, whether for yourself or for others. Don’t waste it, and also have some savings. Brahma Baba until the end was so light-hearted, very humorous. Dadi Janki also, when she walked around you could feel that energy. There was so much zeal and enthusiasm. She would look at the map and say, “Which country has the message not been given?” She would get on the plane and go. Otherwise, at that age, you cannot even lift your body. The power of zeal and enthusiasm makes us do very big things and all that is necessary, wherever it is needed, you will be able to make it. I am even talking to myself. Baba wants us to travel, so we travel. In COVID, we didn’t go anywhere and we were okay, because we had chitchat, every evening together, Avyakti Parivar, in a family.

So, we are very fortunate that Baba has given us the task of world service. We always keep thinking, how do we serve the world? Through our thoughts, words, actions, even whatever you do through wealth, the body, you want to serve the world. It’s a big world, there are billions of souls. So, there is lots to do and for that also, we need zeal and enthusiasm. If we always say that I can only do this much, when we limit everything, then how will our zeal and enthusiasm increase? You always say, “Yes, I will do more.” Keep increasing your capacities. So, accumulation of power, zeal and enthusiasm is power. You have to accumulate this power and also you have to use it, so that until the last moment, there is enthusiasm and that is joy also in a way There is happiness and you feel that you are flying like an angel. Your wings are healthy, so you can fly very fast. So, reflect on this point of zeal and enthusiasm as power, how to increase power, how to use power, all of that is very important.

Om Shanti

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