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Zeal & Enthusiasm - I was I am and I will be #6

Zeal and Enthusiasm #6 Mohini_Didi May 6th,2022

Om shanti everyone !

Zeal and enthusiasm brings the flying stage. During homework of “I and my Baba”, I had thought many times during the day how Brahma Baba and Shiv Baba both were together and how they were playing their own part and sharing common space in the center of the forehead. Shiv Baba was not in Brahma Baba all the time but he would just come and go. I have many experiences when I felt immediately that Shiv Baba had come in Brahma Baba because it was like they were mother, father together, Bapdada. If Brahma Baba is alone he's just Baba. At that time also because he was in so much remembrance of Shiva Baba, it was like welcoming and invocation was happening. I think similarly we saw with Dadi Gulzar that Baba came many hours, days, months, but she kept herself ready in a way that Baba could use her. I think many of us have the experience that whenever we went to meet Dadi Gulzar we felt from her drishti as if Baba was there. When she was sitting outside the History Hall stairs, we looked at her and felt that Baba was there. Baba was not there but still we felt it. She said, “but you all come to meet Baba, so I have to remain ready.” When Baba is not there she is creating the presence of Baba so much that souls experienced that. Baba helps us but I also have to be in that stage as much as possible. One thing I keep reminding myself a lot is that we have to keep our intellect busy, but intellect should also be in silence, completely free from all the time thinking, planning or reading. That is where I feel a lot of capacity, that deep silence of intellect which also helps us to be ready to be with Baba. Yesterday Baba said catch his signals or pull. Suddenly I started having a beautiful experience about how I and Baba are similar. I am incorporeal, Baba is corporeal. Baba gives us an introduction that I am soul, I am light. There is recognition of who I am, I as a soul and of my incorporeal stage, that's what Baba is also. Baba gives us our introduction but once we recognize our own true self, we recognize Baba immediately. He's Supreme, He's my Father, He's like me. Baba says become like me, but first for that I have to feel that it's Baba and me, it is the only relationship which is eternal.The Supreme Soul is the only One who can give power. We all can be instruments, but power really comes from Baba. Whether it is power in the form of support, courage, tolerance, patience or even just watching drama, all that requires power from Baba. We use knowledge to sort ourselves out and become sensible. Power is the shakti of Shiva, you're getting power and it's only from Shiva. This helps us to have intellect with only One. Then my Baba and I becomes such a relationship which is eternally there. When I emerge that awareness then I'm able to experiment and have deep experiences. When intellect is quiet then you are experiencing more. If intellect is busy, churning all the time it's not quiet. You won't be able to experience the presence of Baba.

Today, the whole day I had this very beautiful experience of lightness and I am a child of Baba. If anything happens in life, I just go to Baba and to help other souls. Sometimes in drama, there are situations, different tests come which we need to pass. Anyone who is Baba's instrument, I always give sakash because I think, let that soul continue on the journey and overcome all the obstacles. Real cooperation in Brahmin life is just to give sakash. Immediately, anything happens, I just say, “Baba give that soul power”. I also maintain good wishes and give a lot of cooperation and support to anyone. After all, we all are travelers together. We are on a journey. We don't want to leave anyone behind.

Didi Manmohini always used to tell us if we do something very good, then you will do it every kalpa. If you don't do it, you're losing your opportunity every kalpa. The homework in all three tenses “I was, I am and I will be”, can create awareness. This smrithi is the main thing and Didi reminded us so much to always think, I did it before and emerge that. If you're doing it now, you will do it again. Baba talks of trikaldarshi, it is my own three aspects of time. One is of the cycle with my trikal, my three tenses. I was in the past, what I'm at present, what I am becoming. Baba says in Murli you were deities and today's point that we were worshiping deities because we belong to that religion. If we were not deities we wouldn't worship deities. Baba says those who don't belong to the deity clan, this knowledge will not touch them. Many of us were not tempted by thinking of gold palaces. I always felt from childhood that there is this pure divine little being there. It becomes very natural not only purity, but love and honesty and you start living naturally with those virtues. When we come to Baba then we start understanding that you have to speak the truth, but you have to be sensible. You shouldn't hurt anyone. There is a deeper and deeper understanding of how the divine virtues can be used in life. Those who were deities will become deities and everyone will then go back to their religion wherever they belong to. Three aspects of time are basically reminding us of what we were, what we have to be and what we have to become again.

Baba said that in this life you play all three parts. You are first playing a brahmin. Brahmin is education and knowledge. Each one of you are also angels. You are doing service as a brahmin, as an angel and also as a deity where you just bestow, whether through drishti, vibrations, and through words. We all serve but now we have to see, am I only serving as a brahmin, or am I serving as an angel and deity? Becoming an angel is serving as an angel. An angel has to be a detached observer and always giving internal sakash or helping as angel. Angel helps at the right time when you are in difficulty, whether mental or physical. The angels appear and I think most people do feel we all have our own angels, but for me Brahma Baba is our angel. Recently, Eric was asking about the emotions of when someone near in lokik leaves their body, but for me I always felt that they cannot be with me physically, but they are like angels. They all are protecting, helping wherever it is needed. Angels work in a very subtle way and they are present in some form to help us. It's the same when we start recognizing each one's value as an angel and create that presence. It's not that I am going to become an angel, we are all angels. In one Murli Baba said you are deities in the golden age, not you become deities in the golden age. I become a deity here at the confluence. Dadi Janki used to say I don't want to leave my body when I become karmateet, but I want to serve in the karmateet stage. I have to serve from that stage of angel and emerge that stage. That stage might not be consistent but we can emerge it and try to use it more in situations.

Om Shanti !


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