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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Form of a Point.. Double Light #29

Zeal_and_Enthusiam #29. Mohini Didi. May 29, 2022

Om Shanti everyone! Is everyone okay, well? Yes?

Today we have a family from Latin America sitting here, yeah, you will see them in the end. They will see you also. I’m sure you all had very good time doing your homework and the homework was, “to look at the specialities of everyone”. It’s entertaining, isn’t it? Because every actor, everyone who plays the part and if you look at the speciality - the quality of that soul, the love every soul has, respect and interaction, ability to perform, whatever their duties are, everyone’s commitment to Baba…..there are so many beautiful qualities in each one. So when you look at that, what you will feel? What you receiving? It’s not just good vibrations but the influence of those qualities on me, very good influence because you also want to inculcate that quality. So whole day passes very very beautifully. People go to movies, right, spend a few hours but we have drama, living drama, different scenes of drama, different actors, everyone playing part, so we also enjoy drama, right! Yeah, there are certain scenes, you might have to make effort as Baba said this morning: “no sorrow”. Yeah, we have said goodbye to sorrow. So immediately changing the attitude and the thoughts so that we are not affected by scenes of drama. With the understanding of karmic accounts and knowing, Baba had been talking a lot about “victory over maya and nature both”.

I'm remembering Dadi Janki last time when she came, she keeps saying the words “the conqueror of vices, conqueror of sinful actions, conqueror of matter, conqueror of maya. So same time the transformation that moment, not only becoming aware that how my sanskaras are now, old ones emerging and connecting with the situation. Just remembering Baba had said it's going to be OK. Whatever is happening, is accurate. There can never be mistake in drama, can there be? So sometimes we, our present emotions, looking at scenes of drama, we could feel. To have love and sympathy is different but allowing ourselves to be sad about it, we lose our power. We all are at service, right and those who are at service, what their stage has to be? What's our service? Recently Baba said: “through your every thought, word, and action, not only giving Gyan but sharing our virtues, sharing our powers.” So that means I need to accumulate, no, those powers, need to have those powers in me. So Baba’s Murli of ‘Self Sovereignty’. I like the word: “Right! I have right on it”. Then Baba says, look at your Kingdom, have your Royal Court every day and these are not like these are very, not very serious things, we can do it every day. Like habit of keeping chart is one, instead of chart or court, just to check that which which organ deceived me, tempted me or kind of felt like it was under compulsion, didn't wanted to do but I did that means the eyes or ears or and so interesting when you pay attention, the change happens but if I let go then it continues then it becomes a firm habit - the sanskaras.

So, homework which we need to do now is also very interesting, that if I am a point, I am double light. Now, word ‘point’ has so many meanings even when you understand something, you say oh I got the point, I got it or what you got? I got the point. So there are details and expansions then there is a point. So the purpose of life and especially when we know now that, it’s not only I have to be point but I also have to be master Ocean and that makes it more interesting because the waves of ocean, the pearls which emerge with the waves coming to the beach you know, we see so many beautiful pearls emerge. So when I am a point and then I am master Ocean and with the waves of Ocean all the treasures which I have accumulated as I said different waves in the Ocean that people go just to look at the waves because they are very beautiful. But also when you have to plug something, you it's a point right, to make connection you plug in, so those plugs are also little points. So there are many meanings of the point. It's like creating a habit, that whatever you are speaking or listening, while speaking also you make a point whether speaking or even while listening, the conclusion is also called a point. Let's come to conclusion that means let's come to a point. Of course in a spiritual way, point is also we use full stop as a point.

I remember, long ago Baba had given us the homework of using three dots. It's like creating awareness, because sometimes you want to use full stop, it doesn't work but if you start getting into awareness of the first one, I am a soul. It's so interesting, many times I find so I just OK, let me just use one dot - one point. So I just go into stage of soul consciousness, I am immortal, I am peaceful and it doesn't help just to say I'm a soul but create your eternal qualities, create your original qualities, takes about 7-8 minutes and you really feel embodiment of the point.

Many times before sleeping you are very awake or, or you have some thoughts. So I said I don't want to think, so what should I think? You start doing that, that is apply the second point of soul consciousness and then go further, use another point, Baba as a Point and when you do that, you are in a very very elevated stage and very subtle and you feel very very light. So I experiment with three dots in a different way, as I said I just want to use it, how to full stop but it doesn't stop. So I go to soul consciousness as a point and it really really makes a lot of difference and then go to Baba as a point then He is Ocean now, or His love or Baba said ‘heart thrown’. In a many different ways we can use that Baba as a Point of light, point of, Point but again Ocean, Bestower.

I think our own work is not only through intellect churning and getting a lot of points but it's not silence of intellect. It's very beautiful when it's not just silence of mind but silence of intellect feels so good. After churning practice becoming an embodiment, I have to be in silence because silence of intellect is like recharging. Our logical reasoning doesn't upgrade or become more subtle because we don't go in silence of intellect. If we can go in silence of intellect, intellect will be refined, it will be subtle, it will be clear, your power to discern will be very accurate. So churning knowledge is very important but silence of intellect is very important, equally important. I'm sure you all must be practising this.

then after silence again churning may begin or sometimes you, so you find that very deeply inner direction is changing, quality is changing, your creativity is different than what it used to be, your wisdom is emerging more. Factual and logical thinking is gross intellect. To be sensible and wise that quality emerges in silence, be very sensible and wise and about everything. So I'm sure that when we do the homework of ‘a being a point and double light’, there will be many many rich experiences and deep transformations in us. Om Shanti!

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