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Zeal & Enthusiasm….. Flying stage - Wah my fortune #1

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_1 Mohini_Didi May 1, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well, okay? Yes? Very good, that's the fortune that Baba keeps us well. I have been seeing most of you for two years every evening and you are always well. Isn't it a great fortune? You will feel your fortune at every step. I would say ‘Wah fortune’ because it is the most elevated fortune. There are no consequences. Let's say if someone wins the lottery and says, “It's my fortune, I got so much money.” I have heard that when some win the lottery, they have joy, but also a very deep concern of what to do with the money. Also, people's eyes are on wealth, so many come close to them because of the money, not necessarily because they have true love. Baba tells us children that we are the richest ones. This doesn't mean we have a lot, right? One time Dadi Janki was asking Baba where they were going to get the money to build Global Cooperation House. It was four million because it's a very big center. So Dadi said, “Baba at least tell us a little bit from where it will come? Who will give?” Baba said, “No, as you keep using, as you keep moving forward, souls will be touched and they will keep sending and you will be able to accomplish the task”. That means it's not that you suddenly get unlimited wealth, but if it's Baba’s task, I am an instrument. Whatever are the needs of the instrument, and whatever are the needs of the task, it gets fulfilled.

So, our fortune here is not just suddenly receiving something, but as much we move forward and have our commitment to Baba, it keeps coming. It's not a question of wealth. A lot of people have wealth, but no fortune. So, it's a very unique type of fortune, elevated but also very unique. So, fortune is whatever you have. It's not a question of how much you have, but whatever you have, there is abundance in that. Some of you must have heard the Hindi word, ‘bharakat’, that means it's constantly becoming more and more. That is actually the blessing. So, our fortune is a blessing from God. Baba gave us this blessing ‘fortunate soul - fortunate child’. Do we need anything? What do we need? Every time we say that we have everything. What else do we need? Everything that we receive, it is not coming from a karmic account, because it's not coming from any human being. Now, you all do seva in your way. I do my seva. So, we don't charge, and we are not paid, nor do we expect anything. It's a very pure altruistic seva, and there is a lot of fulfilment, whatever we have, we want to use it in a worthwhile way. So, even the way we are creating fortune is very unique, and there is no thought that I am doing for anyone. We have such a big Yagya, so many souls have come for the retreat, and many have come only to cook, but they don't say that they are doing for the sisters or doing for someone, it is Baba’s Yagya. Everyone is doing, washing pots and cleaning or whatever assignment they have. There is a feeling of joy, I'm serving the family. So, because it is not a human being in between, it's for Baba, Baba’s Yagya and the unlimited family. So, anything you do, there's no bondage because it's for Baba, according to the directions of Baba. You see, when you go to Madhuban, and even in Peace Village, we have retreats. People take turns to come and cook, especially cooking is always very big, and they feel very happy. A lot of people worldwide are surprised, wherever we go, whichever center we go, in Baba’s home, we are always served so nicely.

So, this fortune is a very elevated fortune, and it comes directly from God. It's my fortune, and that is why recently Baba said,”Yes, no jealousy, no dislike, my fortune is my fortune.” Whatever is yours, Baba always says that nobody can take it. Also, everything I have belongs to Baba. In our Brahmin life, I have 60 plus years, and I have never lost anything. If once or twice something is misplaced, I know it's Baba's, and it won't go, I find it, it doesn't go. So, in this awareness of getting from Baba, I'm not trying to snatch anyone's fortune. So, think about the uniqueness, how elevated this kind of fortune is. We have received, and also in our fortune, is the capacity to give. Once somebody asked me what plans you have for your seniors, older people? Of course, in Madhuban you know we have a big senior citizen home. For here, I was saying that they stay where they are, and they serve from there. I went to see a very old Dadi in Bangalore, she is the one who used to sing songs in the Yagya. They have given her a room, she's happy, they give her food. So, when we went to see her, she started singing for us. So many people go just to see her because whatever she has as a talent even at the age 90 plus, she was still serving. The biggest fortune is that you are able to do something or other until the last moment.

So, we can really go into the depth and see and compare how unique our fortune is! How consistent is my fortune? How much guaranteed is my fortune that I will be fortunate until the last moment? In Kaliyug, the Iron Age, anything, whether it is status or money or anything has a lot of difficulties, a lot of worries. Yesterday, Dadi Prakashmani was saying, “What do I have to worry about? Baba will do it, Baba is Karankaravanhar.” So, if there is a lot of responsibility but still one is very carefree, how can that be possible? So, no vices, no habits, no dependency. It’s a very pure elevated fortune that each one of us has. So, keep increasing your intoxication and be inspired all the time to do it more and more, because that's also my fortune that I am able to do. A lot of people say success. I say success is that you continue to do. It is not the result or outcome, but success is that I have opportunity, I can do something, whether through body or mind or in any any other way. So, keep this thought, “Oh, my fortune.”

Om Shanti

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