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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Flying Stage Means Benifit For Everyone #16

Zeal and Enthusiasm #16 Mohini_Didi May16th,2022

Om shanti Everyone !

One is to have a consistent stage, but the other is to have consistent efforts. If my efforts are not consistent, my stage cannot be constant. What requires courage at every step is not to allow that link with Baba to break. We are on a journey. There could be many obstacles on the journey. We have to stay on our journey to reach the destination. Whatever happens I will continue on my journey. Have the determination to follow all the principles properly. Keep courage, then not only do you get Baba's help, but there will also be cooperation. One way is giving power and inspiration to us or someone will just appear to help. We need courage. Never get hopeless or disheartened. Baba, seeing our good efforts, gives a lot of help. He sees this child is very brave, this child is very determined and has unlimited love for Baba. Baba looks at each child and Baba helps. If you have a hundred percent faith and you face a situation, victory is there. There’s many beautiful things happening and it's Baba and drama. Once there was an earthquake in Mexico and Dadi Janki and myself were in Miami. She wanted to go and see people there. The telephone lines were not working and she didn't have a visa. We went in the morning, got our visa, but we couldn't inform anyone that we were coming. The sister in Miami said, “You all go, we will keep calling and I am sure we will get someone to come to the airport.” Not knowing if they got the message, if they got our flight information, we just got on the plane. We reached there and saw a brother coming and I was so happy. The next morning when the family came and saw Dadi Janki there, they were so happy. Not only happy but a deep feeling of family. For me, it was Dadi’s amazing courage. I can tell you hundreds of stories like this and whenever Dadi Janki used to be around me, there was so much power of courage. Courage is important and definitely you will get tasks accomplished, it's Baba’s help and Baba through the other members of the family. I like this point so much, one step of courage and you get help. It's just we have to feel that help that's all.

When you have flying degrees, our thoughts are so powerful, then many will benefit. Baba is with us. Victory is with us. One who is in the flying stage will say a lot of beautiful things. First internally, there will be elevated thoughts which will bring benefit because we will speak that way. If I sit aside and I'm a little disappointed, it's not a flying stage. When there is no flying stage, then we don't benefit anyone. There will be obstacles. We have to fly over anything critical and just see everything as a detached observer. I feel we just need to put it into practice. We have to experiment with this and maintain the flying stage. If you feel someone around you is not in a good stage or not very enthusiastic, even just a few words of flying stage will help so much. How to have the flying stage? Wherever you find any weakness is appearing, just change it. It can only come when we remember this is the confluence age, a very small age. This is the age we have Baba’s company, this is the age where I can create my fortune for so many births. If I do it now, I will have that fortune for every kalpa. It's only this birth that we can create fortune for many many births. Creating the awareness of these points can help us to be in the flying stage.

When you don't experience your flying stage, what do you do? For me, mostly, I use the blessing of that day’s Murli. Sometimes Baba says, you have all the treasures and are a bestower, so try that. There are a lot of points in Murli but at least remember the main blessing of the day’s Murli. You have to give yourself a boost. Booster, that's the blessing of the day. Keep reminding yourself, keep thinking about that and you will definitely feel that you're taking off, you are flying and then you say, “Oh let everyone else fly with me too.” Why leave them? You share that first from your stage, then you inspire and through words and share that blessing. I always say Baba is giving blessings every day. I have to use that blessing just a few times a day, if you remember that, you can't just come down on the ground then again try to fly. You have to keep flying. Baba says your feet should not touch the ground, and Baba does give some points, always. How is it possible that your feet don't touch the ground? That means you're flying, experimenting, experiencing the stage and then see how it's becoming very natural and feels real. I’m flying, my enthusiasm. The flying stage brings benefit to everyone. That's the service we have to do. If you have seen birds flying, they don't leave anyone behind. They all want to go together. So we all want to go together. Go together, fly together, reach together. Baba receives us as angels in subtle regions.

Om Shanti !


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