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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Flying Stage is the Elevated Stage #14

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_14 Mohini_Didi May 14, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well, okay. Yes, are we thinking how to create the flying stage, or are we in the flying stage? We are in the flying stage, but we still think about how to create the flying stage all the time. If we listen to Baba carefully, Baba said that the flying stage has two aspects. First, ‘past is past’. Whatever has happened in the past, just finish it, because the burden from the past, heaviness from the past, keeps appearing, and then we cannot fly. Baba said that the effort should be to become like Baba. In what aspect should I become like Baba? There are so many ways in which I would like to be like Baba. Like nothing new, Drama is beneficial, karmic accounts got settled, it was for learning. We can have so many points, because applying the points of knowledge helps us to be like Baba. Baba as the Ocean, Baba as Bestower of love, peace, joy, knowledge. This is becoming like Baba. How to remain full, like what happened, happened? How quickly can we just finish it and look at Baba? When I look at Baba, I am inspired to take some aspects to be like Baba, to remain double light all the time. This will help us to be in the flying stage.

So we did our homework, looking at our attainments, all our attainments, and now I have to look at the flying stage, elevated stage. So, tomorrow, the whole day is a big day, starting from Amritvela, I have to remain light, double light. Very different things happen, you are thinking something, and the happening is different, you expect something, and you say things differently, you plan something, and it doesn't work. So, how quickly can I say that Drama is perfect? Whatever is happening is accurate, just smile, victory is with you, success is with you. I am Baba's successful child, victorious child, but these are scenes of Drama. Drama plays so accurately, it could be whatever situation, but also for me, I have to learn something, I have to have more patience, I have to have love. You immediately have to pick a virtue and use it. Every moment, if we think this way to be stable, it will be very easy to transform immediately and become that. It’s quite the work and effort to instantly see what is making me heavy, what is disturbing me, what is causing waste thoughts. That's when the heaviness begins. Total acceptance is perfect and accurate, and then use whatever qualities are required. Sometimes we are not able to use the virtue that is required at that time. Baba has been saying all the powers and virtues should be under your control, whenever whichever virtue or power you need, immediately use that, do not wait until Maya or the enemy has attacked already. So, we will do our homework on the flying stage, elevated stage for tomorrow. We have been talking a lot about zeal, enthusiasm, flying stage. How many marks can we give to ourselves, 80%, 70%? Yes, 80% is good. How many will give 80%? That's very good. So, do this homework and we will share more tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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