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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Everything is Yours #8

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_8 Mohini_Didi May 8, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

We all have been celebrating since morning. The whole day is a celebration, but Avyakti Parivar is together in the evening. So, we do it also in the evening. Otherwise, the whole day was a celebration and Baba is saying that our celebration is not just for a day. Baba says, “Every day should be a day of celebration, and for that what is required is zeal and enthusiasm.” As soon as we think of celebration, it's about zeal and enthusiasm. Some have a lot of zeal enthusiasm, some have less. What about you all, do you all have a lot of zeal enthusiasm? Yes, I am seeing, yes! Create this nature of just being happy, in pleasure, zeal and enthusiasm. For any little thing you do, do it with a lot of love. When you do something with love, there is enthusiasm also, because this is how our energy, our state of mind, will be in a very beautiful stage. We are meeting Baba, so look at our fortune, there are so many beautiful things, we can make a long list. Just thinking about all that should create zeal and enthusiasm. You know I decided that we should have a topic of zeal and enthusiasm because I myself was wondering what exactly it means to have zeal and enthusiasm. Everything is going on normal, everything is okay, but if I can go beyond, if I can do something unlimited, something new, take some initiative or create some good ideas, some good plans, I would have zeal and enthusiasm. Otherwise, it does happen that you can be normal and you are okay, but you don’t necessarily have zeal and enthusiasm. We become so comfortable with whatever is going on, but Baba never used to like that. Brahma Baba had so much enthusiasm, he would come up with so many new ideas and keep saying, “Go and do this service, go and do that service.”

I remember that in India it gets very hot in the summer. Even now, Nirvair bhai wrote a letter saying that it's very hot there. They’re expecting rain from June 1st, and it's between 40 - 50 degrees, very hot. So, Baba used to tell us, “You cannot serve in Delhi in the summer. So, go to the top of the mountains because there are a lot of tourists, go and set up an exhibition there.” I remember that we went to many of those hilltops. They would create a place and call it hill station Shimla and Masuri and Nanital. These were nearest to Delhi. Then there was Kashmir, which is a very cool place. So, I used to find that he won't let us stay because if it's summer I can't go out anywhere. Go somewhere where it's not summer, and he would make us do it. So, all of us also have to have enthusiasm. That means new ideas, new creations, something you have to keep doing because that will keep our energy full, and bring us a lot of happiness. So, just don't sit quietly and be happy with that. We don't know how long we have. Whatever is available today, we can use it, do it, because time could change. Now we have transport, we have everything, all the resources are there.

So, we use the resources as much as possible for service, and how to keep our family full of enthusiasm is also very important. Internally, I should never feel that I cannot do, I am not capable. Stay with Baba, the more you keep saying, “Baba, I belong to You, everything belongs to You.” Then my capacity to do what Baba wants me to do will increase. I keep asking Baba, “What more, what else, what to do in a better way, how to be more perfect?” So, going to Baba very often, then what? The enthusiasm from that should come from looking at Baba, while listening to Murli. What more can we do? Enthusiasm will emerge, and then you will create, you will do something, something new, even simple things you will do with joy, with enthusiasm. The simple things can be ordinary actions, but do them with love and enthusiasm. This is very important. So, that is the need of the time. Baba is also saying this in the Murli. This morning, He said that children should be very enthusiastic, because everything is so different and new and unique. The way we celebrate with Baba or Mother's Day is different from how others celebrate, everything is alokik.

So, for myself and for all of us, my feelings are that of course, as Baba said, we should have a loving intellect. It's not laboring, it's with happiness, joyfully, lovefully doing everything, then you will feel the pleasure of the Confluence Age. It could be very serious too, looking at whatever is happening in the world, and also some settling happens within the family. Listening to Baba, looking at Baba, you know Brahma Baba with his age, he was always enthusiastic. Dadi Prakashmani was always enthusiastic to do something for the family, bigger and bigger. So, we all also have to do it bigger, what we're doing is not enough, let's do more. So, that enthusiasm is very important. So, our homework will be ‘Yes, Baba everything belongs to you’. So, it's not a question of only attachment. Baba says that everything belongs to Baba, you are a trustee, and what do trustees do? They always plan something. You have to do something more, something bigger. Whether it's through the mind, through the body, through wealth, whatever it is. It's only by doing that we feel like doing more. I think that's the kind of enthusiasm we all need. So, what you are enthusiastic about, write it down. One day we will talk about it.

Om Shanti

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