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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Conclusion and Experiences #31

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_31 Mohini_Didi May 31, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone okay? Yes, you all are fine? A big Avyakti Parivar today, we have the family from Brazil. So, they are part of us today in the room. From Madhuban, Avyakti signals are about increasing or to have accurate power to discern. The power to discern is a big faculty. All the time, before we decide something, we discern, “Is it right or not? Should I do it or not? Is it the right time?” So many thoughts could come. Everyday, there will be a different point and we will reflect on that point, and see that our power to discern is accurate. Even after deciding that it’s a Drama, Baba will help us. Baba looks at us and He wants us to use knowledge, use dharna, and have good yoga, so that our power to discern can increase. Baba is also a Teacher. He always looks at us as students, and students have to study, have to practice, and have to pass the exams. So, I think that it will be very useful for us every morning, just to revise the point from, we call it Patra Pushpa, Avyakti signals that come from Madhuban. Also, we always think about the change, we also think, “What is next? What do I have to do?” I got a few calls from some of the sisters and others, saying how during the month of enthusiasm what benefits they had. They had the thought that I need to have enthusiasm, but sometimes their energy level was not that high. Then they thought about the point that was shared for practice, and their enthusiasm definitely increased. One sister from Asia called and said that the whole month, even if she thought she was always enthusiastic, she was using the point of practice. This helped her to understand that sometimes there is excitement, but not really true zeal and enthusiasm, and how when there is enthusiasm, there is a beautiful way of creativity, and that we have to celebrate.

The Confluence Age is the time where we have to be in zeal and enthusiasm, it’s festivity in a way. We even use the words ‘celebrating a meeting with Baba’. One is just to meet Baba, the other is to celebrate that the soul is meeting Baba, the child is meeting the Father, the student is meeting the Teacher and also Satguru Baba. So, internally there is joy, celebration, and we know that the Confluence Age is a very short Age. Now towards the end of the Confluence Age, we can’t only keep saying that I have to transform, but emerge. What do I emerge? I have to emerge my divine, Golden Aged sanskars, nature, relationships, and all our habits. So, for this month we will look into that. I must say that the experiences that were sent to us about enthusiasm were really great. Lots of new ideas and experiences. Every month, we receive a lot of experiences, and towards the end it was concluded that it was very beneficial. So, that is what I can say about concluding the topic of zeal and enthusiasm. Om Shanti.

Creating Heaven:

Om Shanti Everyone.

Baba says that those who belong to the original deity religion will listen to the knowledge, get Baba’s message, and they will feel some very deep awakening within the self. That awakening will be connected with divine being, divinity. When I came to Baba and Baba gave drishti, it was not very common to share drishti. In the path of bhakti, we will always bow, close our eyes, we never look up, can’t look up to the guru. When Baba comes, because I have to take drishti, I have to have my head up. So, Baba always says that as devotees we used to bow, but now we are the masters. You have the right as masters. As master, we look at One who is the Supreme Master. It’s a very beautiful experience within the self, the eyes will instill the image of my own self in a divine form. I always saw a little Goddess sitting and smiling at me, and then I also smiled at her. I think each one of you definitely will have some experiences that when you came to Baba you were able to see your original form, a divine form, very pure, very beautiful. From there, we nurture that Goddess through studies, through good company, pure diet, whatever we adopt as our principles, and inculcate divine virtues. Before, we knew about virtues, then we came to know Godly virtues, now we know divine virtues. It is Baba’s drishti that awakens not only our eternal form, but our original form also.

So, our aim is to consciously practice, to look at it, to nurture, to create, if you haven’t seen that, you can do that. Do you know, on the path of bhakti, they have to instill in an idol of any God or Goddess, they do an invocation of life in that idol. I happened to go to one in a big temple of Hanuman. So, they invited about 30 priests and for three days they had to day and night, worship that idol and they call it invocation of life. The idol is just a stone or a marble or metal. Then by invoking they say that I am bringing life into that idol. So, when they worship, the idol will respond and communicate, because you have invoked life in that. I can give an example of Brahma Baba’s picture. It is not just a picture. As many times, as many thoughts we have of remembering Shiv Baba in Brahma Baba or even about Brahma Baba, it has life. I know I have one that I never change in my room. It's been almost 45 years. Then I came to New York and I brought that picture. I keep changing the frame, making it a little refined, but it is the same picture, because I have created a relationship, I have done an invocation. So, we do that invocation, but Baba does that invocation in each child, awakens that divinity in each one of us. So, we will reflect, we will talk, we will practice during the day, and definitely for this whole month, there will be very beautiful sanskars emerging. You do not know what you have within you. You only think of Maya. What about all that divinity that we have in us? So, it will be very beautiful, we will keep in touch with that inner divine self, experiment, and create the Golden Age within.

Om Shanti


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