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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Children's courage , Father's help #15

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_15 Mohini_Didi May 15, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well, okay, happy? Good. This really shows that Baba's help is there. Baba is sustaining us, Baba's love and care. It is so interesting to look at what is happening in the world, and how Baba is sustaining us, taking care of us, and keeping us carefree. For anyone to be carefree in the world, it is not possible. I think of how Brahma Baba started having an inner conversation, and then started experiencing some transformation, then he got the message, and he kept moving forward. There were so many obstacles and difficulties, but it must definitely be Baba's faith. One is to say that Baba will help, and the other is that it is Baba's task, and I am the one who is helping Baba. As soon as you say that it is Baba's task, courage comes. When I was in Peace Village in the beginning, we did not have much experience of management or with resources. There were so many who were learning there and I used to get concerned some days. Then one night Baba said, “Whose task is this?” Truly it was Avyakt BapDada who said that we should get the facility. I remember when the message came, because I kept saying, “No, it's too big, it's a lot of work to maintain.” If you have not been there, you must have seen it in photos, quite a big property. Baba said, “It is my task.” I remember after that, I became so light, and from one side a problem would come, and from the other side a solution would come. As soon as I thought, “How will it happen?”, immediately it would happen. We start believing that it's a miracle, God can do miracles.

There were few contact souls who had seen us in the beginning, in one very small apartment, we had one bedroom and one soul knew about it. So, when he came to Peace Village, he said, “I have to believe that God is with all of you, it must be God's work. You don't ask for money, you don't charge anything, how is it happening? Plus finding such a beautiful place.” Brahma Baba is the instrument and we all are instruments. The task is Baba's but I always say to Baba, “To make us deities is part of Your task also. I didn't think that I would become a deity, You gave me the thought, and You need the masters for the world, because we are creating a new world.” Who will think about serving the world? Baba said, “Children, you all have to serve the world.” Dadi Gulzar said that when Baba used to say ‘world’, we did not know what the world was. Today Baba said ‘world benefactor’. I am also part of Baba's task, and that doesn't mean I am careless and I say, “Baba will do it.” You know we have to have this faith, and also get subtle signals from Baba. Baba will say, “Child do it this way and when you do it, you know how much return you get from Baba.” A task is given to you and you do it. How much will Baba give each one of us? When trust comes, obedience comes, “Yes Baba, You told me so I will definitely do it.” So, one of the ways to receive from Baba is always to think that this is Baba’s task, and I am Baba’s instrument. In whatever way Baba wants to use me, I will let Baba use me. Then everything will become refined, your intellect, and your closeness with Baba and the family.

So, it’s not a question of saying, “I am an instrument”, but internally, deeply, just have this thought and observe then what service you are given, and the benefits. There will be a lot of good results from that service. It’s Baba’s task, I am an instrument of Baba. To say that takes courage, because our mind also has some likings, we have to make some choices, too. However, you will be surprised that what you are doing is what you like to do, even if it is what Baba said. Some days we don’t know what we like or what we don’t like. It is very subtle, this relationship with Baba, that we recognize God, we start understanding our personality, too. We used to do what Baba likes of course, Shiv Baba through Brahma Baba. Do you think He doesn’t know what we like? Baba also takes care of us and knows what we like to do. I always say ‘yes’ to Baba. You say ‘yes’ one time, and He will say ‘yes’ all the time. “Yes Baba, I will do it.” That requires courage, because you don’t know what else you have to sacrifice. What task is Baba going to give? Will I be able to do it or not? Where will He send me? These thoughts can come in the mind, but He is our Parent, He loves us. So what He will give us to do through His directions or instructions, will definitely be what I will be able to do, and I like it. I hope you understand what I am saying. It takes courage to say ‘yes’ to Baba, and how He gets His work done is amazing. This time in Peace Village they were celebrating 23 years. In the beginning, whenever you get something, Who will do? Where are the people? Where are the hands? Dadi Prakashmani said, “It is easy to get to the place.” Dadi Janki said, “They will come”. Today they have 25-30 sitting there to serve. We have to say in our mind, “Baba, it is your task, I am your instrument, not only am I an instrument, but I am Your instrument.” You will remain very light, you will have courage, and you will experience Baba’s help all the time.

So tomorrow, the whole day, whether it is spiritual or something new, something different, but immediately you say, “Baba, yes, I am an instrument.” One time Dadi Gulzar said, “Baba, I kept courage, you must help me. You all keep reminding Baba that You must help as it is Your duty.” I never forget that when you have courage, you don’t have to remind Baba to help, Baba will help you. Remember Baba only, don’t ask for help. We know Baba doesn’t need reminders, He does, and you will receive help. Baba does His task accurately, and His first task is that He loves us, He cares for us, but I need to have a thought coming from Him, or even my own elevated thought. I need to have at least that much. It is recognition of God, Almighty Baba. We need connection with Baba so we can feel His care. We don’t see or feel in a physical way, it’s subtle and very spiritual. So, I wish and I know you all will experience God’s help at every step, remain very carefree, and also keep moving forward.

Om Shanti

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