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Zeal & Enthusiasm…A Jewel who is close to the Father - Worthy child #2

Zeal & Enthusiasm #2 Mohini_Didi May 2nd,2022

Om shanti everyone !

It’s Baba's blessings that keeps us okay. Regardless of what is happening in the world outside, Baba's children are okay because our aim is to internally keep ourselves okay. Externally also everything becomes okay. Every day we see Baba's magic and it's our fortune too. Baba talks about while being in the body, trying to be in an angelic stage and make it very natural and simple. Do everything but don't let your intellect get very involved. Sometimes we want to know more, the intellect is into the external world. We have to be aware of what is happening, but not get too involved. When mind and intellect are becoming pure and subtle and you don't want to use your intellect unnecessarily. Brahma Baba used to take care of everything, made sure we all are okay and we have learned from Baba to keep everyone okay. We are renunciates, but our renunciation is of vices. It's not that we become too comfortable with the body, but there should be enough facilities, comfort. Respect the body, it's from nature and we have to use it. Baba says this body is very valuable in the confluence age because without body, the soul cannot make effort or do service. Soul needs the body, so we keep it comfortable but not body consciousness. Sometimes it's difficult to discriminate if this is body consciousness, my desire or just the need. It is very difficult to discriminate when need becomes greed. Baba said very nicely, you see it but you're not seeing, you know, but you're not knowing. Once Baba gave me something to do. I did it, came back and described everything to Baba. I took about 12 minutes and Baba said, “Baba understood in two minutes.” I realized not to say too much. This is the balance between avyakt and vyakt. Yes, I have to speak, but only as much as necessary. These are some of the changes and the balance which we create for the stage of avyakt and vyakt.

Have the thought that I, the soul, am like Baba. Baba You are the Ocean of Love and I am an image of love. Baba, You are the Ocean of Peace, I am an image of peace. Create that likeness, I'm like Baba. It's such a churning the whole day. When should I say, “wah fortune”? Is it when I get to do service, when I am sitting with Baba, or when receiving something? This spiritual intoxication which we call flying degrees, flying stage, is internally, every moment you are feeling your fortune. I'm really fortunate. My fortune is my fortune. Everyone has their own fortune. Wah fortune, is a song internally with every breath. We say Baba, we are fortunate. Everywhere, wherever we are, we are together as a family, it's a fortune. Every thought which comes you just see, oh it's your fortune, you feel good about it.

For tomorrow's homework you have to think I am a very near jewel of Baba, samip ratan. When we use a rosary, which side should we start, left or right? Wherever you start the ends are together. I feel that, I am that bead of the rosary. Some are only beads because they don't realize the closeness in the Brahman family. There is no attachment, because we all follow the principles of Baba. We all listen to Baba’s murli, we do everything the same. We are very close, but not attached. We all are beads, but we want to be part of rosary. For that just be loving and detached. If there is a spiritual relationship there is natural detachment. We are children of Baba, we are brothers, sisters, one family and we are always available to help each other to cooperate. How do you know if you have attachment or not? If you feel sorrow a little bit, then that means there is attachment. We get so much news, to have good wishes for this or that. There is good news, but sometimes Brahmins have to settle accounts. Immediately, say I have to give good wishes, I have to give sakash to this soul. Instantly just start giving what you have to give, but don’t get emotional. Some people say, “but we are after all human beings, we do feel”. Of course we feel, but what has to be done? This way we also instantly change our thoughts from sadness to, “I am on duty, I have to give Baba’s light, Baba’s powers, Baba’s vibrations of love” and start serving instantly. There is a saying that either you suffer or serve. To serve is better. That is why, always remember that we are very close to Baba as beads, as jewels. When I came to Baba, Baba used to say, each one has to become such a good example and then Baba used word sample. You know how a businessman carries samples to show, people like the sample so they give a big order. Baba used to ask who would like to travel with me all over the world? Then he said I will carry you, but you have to be a good sample, so that I can show. Good wishes in your heart and pure feelings so that if anyone asks, I have this situation, what should I do? They don't listen, but it doesn't matter, you can at least give good wishes, sakash. Look at that one as a soul and then say to Baba, Baba this soul also is your child and then your good wishes will work. Always remember that when there is attachment you cannot help. You cannot help, because karma is there. Just have a lot of love for that one as a soul, then you see how magic works. It's a very subtle thing sometimes changing “my” into “Baba's”. If you do it, then you are proof of it, but if you don't, you're not proof because the way you are acting is completely different than what you are saying. Yesterday, Baba said from asht to isht. If you don't use power, people won't have bhavna in you as isht. Isht is you are like a personal deity. It is the same when Baba says sabhut. Sabhut will give the proof, be an example, which Baba calls real. He has chosen each one of you. I don't know how he finds you, but he did find you. We never knew each other. Baba has found each one of us, but now he wants to make a rosary. Think about the enthusiasm you can have, I have to be close to Baba.

Flying degrees really means not to be stopped by any obstacles. There will always be some reason that you cannot do it, always. They say especially when you have to do good, there will be obstacles, and you say, “I'm still doing it.” I remember once, we had to come to Peace village, there was so much ice. I said, “We still have to go” and some way or another it became clear, we were able to reach. So to become a real jewel of Baba and to be an example you have to cross all the obstacles because some learning comes, more power comes. When any obstacle comes you remove it through the power of yoga, through courage, Baba's help and then we pass with honor. Maintain zeal and enthusiasm with the thought, I am the near jewel of Baba and also an example so that Baba can use us as samples to create more children.

Om Shanti !

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