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Tapasya #21

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

January 21, 2022 - English

Tapasya_21 Mohini_Didi January 21, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Are you all images of contentment? Yes? I can see some hands. How do you see contentment on my face? Do you see contentment in the face, in the eyes? This whole topic is of deep silence. One of the experiences and a pull which is left after three days of yoga bhatti is, there is very subtly distaste from unnecessary actions. Whatever is essential, one has to do, but there is this nature that eyes will pull you to see something, hear something, say something, do something. I also find that there is this whole pull towards deep silence, and that deep silence is something very powerful. The effort that I have been making is very good. In this morning’s murli Baba said to be obedient, faithful, and truthful. So those are the qualities, but how to have thoughts that are completely clean? When thoughts are very pure and clean, then I can feel how karankaravanhar Baba is not only making me do, but I also experience all attainments and relationships with Baba. It’s not that I say, “Baba, you are my parents, Baba you are my teacher,” but such a pure and clean mind can feel, not only intellectually think. We believe that Baba is our parents, Baba is our teacher. While I’m reading murli, Baba the Teacher is teaching me, Baba the Satguru is guiding me.

Today Baba said that if you know there are certain souls, who have some difficulty with you or whatever, and their vibrations are not very clean, those feelings shouldn’t reach me, right? My connection with Baba is very clear and powerful. During the whole day, especially now, I was thinking that every single thought should be without any influence. Just imagine each thought, and observe each thought. Is it somewhere deeply carrying something with it? Is it about the past, worried thoughts about what might happen? Just be totally free. Baba was talking recently about jeevan mukti, or Brahma Baba just having awareness that Shiv Baba is karankaravanhar. That is something to experiment with, if I have that awareness then I will become an angel. I’m paying a lot of attention and I’m sure you all can also join me, that every thought be completely clean, not surrounded by any energy, which it generally is.

That is what we call true happiness and it then shows on your face, that cheerfulness is naturally there. It’s not a question about the outside, but internally, the soul is feeling full, cheerful, and content. The main capacity is the thought or power to discern. Baba spoke about confusion yesterday. Every moment in life you have a choice, should I do this, and whatever we decide, we want to do it right and there is some attainment in that. We don’t waste anything, either thoughts or time, or any kind of energy. It could be money for some also. So, how to pay attention, with our tapasya, removing all the alloy. When I’m remembering Baba, if there are any other thoughts, it’s coming from sanskars, the alloy. I have to become completely pure gold, 24 carat. There’s still some alloy left, right? So, how to liberate myself so that I experience jeevan mukti, as Baba said, cheerfulness and contentment in a true way. Lots of things we do through the intellect, but you have to see within the soul. Some days, in a few minutes you could feel that a lot has been wasted. Like with Brahma Baba, I always say his aim and attributes were equal. We still have a lot of gap between what we want to be, our aim, and the qualities, attributes.

So, continue with tapasya, and I think if we keep our aim, as we did for three days, we can definitely continue to do it. Our maturity, our cheerfulness, comes from there. Then our work is for the power to discern, it’s really the most important power, to discern and then decide. Where should I say, “No”? Where should I say “Yes”? Baba said that we should have contentment on the face, contentment through the eyes, contentment in your feelings, and then contentment in your actions. You can feel that when there is lack of contentment, you are internally kind of fragmented, divided, and this is visible when you do actions. So, practicing everyday, being part of Avyakti Parivar, one of the benefits is that we are able to talk about our efforts. When there is this awareness, you will find that Baba gives signals. Baba wants us to serve in an unlimited way through our thoughts, our words, our actions. Any service you get, never say no to it. If I say no, then how will I grow? Our Didi Manmohini always used to say, “You’re all Ganges, right? Ganges don’t need advanced notice, and devotees say, ‘Now I am coming to take a dip, remain ready for me’.” So, I’m not talking only of instruments or those who are at the center, I’m talking of everyone living at home. Even though people are not ready to listen to knowledge. You will find your vibrations, your words, could be serving at every moment. Service is not about giving lectures, but wherever you are, on the job, at home, your family is not in knowledge, it doesn’t matter. When you are cooking food, cook with so much love. The vibration helps people to become favorable. In every step, when there is a thought of serving, any action you’re doing, Baba is karankaravanhar, and I am doing it. You are becoming an angel. This is how I have to become an angel. An angel is double light and sparkling. That means whatever I do, it will be done in a very angelic way.

So, let us create that kind of atmosphere tomorrow, everyone in this awareness, wherever you are. Anyway these days, many people in many countries are not able to go to the center, so everyone is at home. Even if you’re going to work with determination, concentration, with a lot of love, pay attention to keeping your every thought very clean, so that you can get power from Baba, and touchings from Baba. We can have a real experience of being angels not only in our intellect, but in the practical. There is a lot of connection between awareness and thoughts, so we will pay attention, and that will be our homework for tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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