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Worthy of receiving respect thought the whole cycle #14

Elevated_Self_Respect_14 Mohini_ Didi June 14, 2023

Om Shanti!

We begin the story of self-respect with Brahma Baba and Mama. Brahma Baba was feeling internally that some transformation, some conversation was going on, and the first time when he had a vision of Vishnu and he heard a voice say that ‘you are this’, ‘you are going to become this'. And definitely, it was something new, because he was a worshiper of Narayan and Lakshmi. So a worshiper getting a vision that he will become worship-worthy. To accept that, one needs a clear intellect, or awareness of one’s own fortune. Brahma Baba took time, and he did a lot of tapasya, went into isolation, and then he accepted. To accept is one thing, but then to reach self-respect of that. Of course, there is that intoxication. There is faith, but to sustain that, to maintain that under all circumstances. A lot of people accepted what the message was, but there were many who didn’t. So, there is self-doubt of what I am thinking or seeing. Is it all true? Is it going to happen or not? So, either you doubt yourself or respect yourself. So, Brahma Baba and then Mama accepted their parts at the Confluence Age. Mama was the daughter of Brahma. Saraswati is the daughter of Brahma. They even show Saraswati with Brahma together. Mama was so much into that intoxication, whatever happened, there was defamation, there was abuse, there were a lot of wrong things said about them, but nothing affected them. I myself saw how Baba and Mama were. They never never came down from their self respect. They made it consistent and made us believe from their stage, that this is what they are from their self respect. Just imagine that one has to become master of the world, one who has to claim number one status of Narayan. There was never any fluctuation in his faith or stage.

Mama and Baba knew what they had to become and they stayed in that self respect. That is why Momma never felt anything. She was younger than all the Dadis, but she had self respect. Baba said, you will play the role of Mama and she said “ok”. She accepted that role, played that part. So each one of us, our future is seen at the present. This is the part I will play the whole cycle. Use the points from the Muri that we are revising. There are four types of faith; Baba, Yagya, Drama, and Family. Each one is important. Baba said that all four should remain strong, even if one is fluctuating, it won’t fluctuate your stage. Every thought should be Drama, Drama. If you are fluctuating, you really don’t have faith in Drama. The Dadi’s had such firm faith in Drama. Mama, as you know, was not too well. We went to Mama and asked her what she was thinking. She said,“I don’t need to think, it’s all Drama.” It’s not only saying it. Some will say it but their stage is still fluctuating. The Dadis were totally firm on Drama. That stability was visible through their self respect. The more we think about self respect, the more you are in the awareness of self respect. Even saying “I am God’s Child” is self respect. Who is sustaining me? With every step, it is Baba. So the more we think about what Baba is giving us, what He is making us, what are we becoming? All of this creates self- respect. That is connected with faith. I really do believe that in the Golden Age, the next stage, I will be worship-worthy. A goddess. Many of us feel that. The qualities of the goddess, bestower, image. So faith has a connection with stability. Faith also has a connection with self respect. So it is a good chance that we have these avyakt signals where we revise, and we also spend the day reminding ourselves. We stay in that self respect. In the Confluence Age, whatever happens now, it is eternal. The Confluence Age is very important. Baba is saying that self respect in the Confluence Age will give you self respect for the whole Kalpa. So we make good efforts and we have self respect. In your kingdom, even the subjects will have respect for you. Then the copper age begins, and there is respect from the devotees. As the cycle moves on, we are worshippers and we are seeing idols of those who are worship worthy. We are listening to the praise of the gods and goddesses. You have seen how they sing the praise of gods and goddesses. Remover of sorrow, remover of obstacles. Each goddess has a lot of praise. Who are these goddesses? We are these goddesses. We have to look and see if my thoughts, words, and actions are of that quality. It is a whole cycle of listening to our praise, then becoming that again.

Any time you feel that your energy or intoxication is low, immediately remind yourself of what you are and what you are becoming. What we were and what we are becoming. As soon as you remind yourself, there will be a complete change in personality. We know that of course, we have copper age, iron age sanskars but we also have golden age, silver age sanskars. If we find sanskars of body-consciousness emerges of copper age, iron age. If we are really attentive, then the sanskars of the Golden Age and Silver Age will emerge. We say upto silver age is alright, but Golden Age. Silver Age is still little bit warrior sanskars. They emerge sometimes and then, they are very clear. So I always say we are somewhere stuck between the end of the Silver Age and the beginning of Golden Age. Move forward. Move forward. No sanskar of battling. Whether it is for self or with anyone. We have karmic accounts. We have to settle, but it with the power of yoga. So, once we cross that border, then we become Gods and Goddesses. And that is why, in hindi they say devta, one who gives. One who constantly gives. And giving is not here physical, but it is love, cooperation, it is respect. As much you give, that much you are becoming. And I find how every thought, if it is a deity soul emerging, it will be visible, right. So, if we pay attention to remain in self-respect, then giving respect to others, and also internally, you know that my Golden Aged sanskars are emerging. Not of silver age, of course not of copper age. Copper age sanskars are what? Bargain. If this happens, I will do this, if this happens then I will… It’s like we bargain with God. It’s like doing business. Vaishav. So, golden aged sakskars, not even silver aged, that’s what will happen when there is self-respect of what I am becoming.

Many times Brahma Baba used to say, ask in class, “What do you want to become? Lakshmi-Narayan or Rama-Sita?” Even Avyakt Bapdada asks. So, what we say? Nobody wants to raise hands for Sita-Ram. Everyone wants to raise hands for Lakshmi-Narayan. I always say, there will only be a few Lakshmi-Narayan, right? But we are same clan, no? We are same dynasty. So, I always feel whether you become their children or you clain kingdom, second, third or whatever, doesn’t matter. But we are Lakshmi-Narayan clan. So we can have that intoxication, we can have that self respect. What are we? We belong to kingdom of Lakshmi-Narayan. So, Baba says as is the King and the Queen, so are even the subjects.

So, if everyone have this self-respect of determination, intoxication, we are God’s children, we are becoming Lakshmi-Narayan. We are from that clan. Now we have to reclaim it, right? And Nothing new, we did this last Kalpa, and we have to do it again, right? So, this work, self-respect for the whole cycle, for the whole Kalpa, and you will get respect.

Om Shanti


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