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Worthy Of Double Love From The Father#15

Honest_Heart_15 Mohini_Didi December 15, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Satguruvaar! I like very much when Baba says“Himmat ka kadam”, that means the step I am taking is with the courage that I get from Baba. When you have to move forward, you have to take a step. So, Baba said that He gives that courage. That means we have to just trust, have confidence and enthusiasm. What Baba is giving us is courage and enthusiasm. Always feel that we are under Baba's canopy of protection. It could be His drishti, light, might, it could be love, all of that is a canopy. We are under His canopy. Of course, Baba takes responsibility if I follow Baba’s shrimat. If I do what is in my mind, then Baba won't be responsible. Also, Avyakt Bapdada gave the signal to be in your self-respect, have that determined thought, not be influenced by situations, circumstances, or problems. Really when there is a situation or a reason, but you don't see it, you do what you have to do, it will disappear. What will it do? If I say it, and then I say, “Well, it could be like that.” Then it becomes real. That's what Maya does, illusion, creates it in front of us so that it's fearsome. I said, ”No, I can't do it because of this. That is because of Maya. As you move forward you will find that that situation just disappears, or it will resolve in such a way that it will be beneficial. Sometimes one has to cross that obstacle. That's what Maya does, creates obstacles. First it comes to mind, then we feel it's real, then we just don't take a step forward.

It feels so good to be with Baba. Baba said, “Yes, come and sit with me as long as you want.” How are you guys just sitting with Baba, enjoy Baba's company then Baba is making us the master. So, see the circumstances, situations just as a scene of a the Drama. Now when you are driving at a good speed, you see so many things. If you stop at every scene, whether because of fear, or you want to change it, will you ever reach your destination in time? Scenes are seen, observed, and they pass by, you pass by, the same for situations as scenes of Drama. It could be from a past karmic account but it's over. As Baba said also in today's beautiful Avyakt signal, to tell Baba the truth, have no fear, just speak truth in front of Baba, and Baba will love such a soul. I realized these two three days that once we have given it to Baba, I have surrendered it to Baba, then why do I keep taking it back? This happens a lot. That is where we become number wise. We all give to Baba and actually we give everything, but some of us keep taking things back. In this, we have to be very careful that we shouldn't take it back. Finish it or let Baba multiply it also. Baba said that you become Master bestower because your giving is receiving. We are so used to looking for evidence of what I receive. I am always giving, what did I receive? I am not getting enough cooperation, there is never enough. Maybe we don't realize it, or see that I am receiving. Trust is important, patience is important. Also, be a detached observer. We have strength, but we can't waste it, lose it, because through the thoughts we can lose that, but we shouldn't. There is a lot to reflect on, a lot to churn but also to experiment with. See how Maya is trying to create an illusion, maybe you don't see it right away just go through it and see. If you stop and I want to see it, you get involved, your time is gone.

Om Shanti


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