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With True Heart Earn Blessings #05

Honest heart_5 Mohini Didi Dec 5th,2022

Om Shanti everyone !

Om Shanti ! Back in New York. It was a good trip, a long trip, but very very meaningful. There is vast difference between India whether the number of Brahmins or atmosphere and then coming back to New York, few people around, more silence. Both places have their own energy and atmosphere, both are beautiful. Wherever we are, we are always happy.

Baba had been talking a lot about the heart and then an honest heart. I sometimes wonder is it easy to have an honest heart or is it difficult? I think it should be easy. I think maybe it depends on the person. Some, if they say something that is even a little bit untrue, they are very bothered inside. They feel disturbed. For some it's very normal for them to say things, whether they are true or not, because they just want to please their heart, not God's heart. Baba is saying that whatever you have to do, you serve from the heart. Baba says that the highest kind of service is to donate virtues and powers, because that is the need of that moment. If two souls are discussing something, but you need to be in silence or just have patience and listen to everything and decide whatever quality is required. Baba said that you don't give donations to Brahmins. Donations are given to lokik people, but you children give donation, cooperation amongst the Brahmins. Each word of Baba’s has some significance. Why not give donations to brahmins? Baba said that's cooperation you give to each other. I think that especially at this time to be cheerful, to remain light, or to be enthusiastic. These are very general virtues which are very much required by all Baba’s children. Sometimes it does happen that the other soul doesn't have enthusiasm or loses enthusiasm because of something, but if you continue to remain enthusiastic then what happens is that the other soul will also feel that. Some souls on a spiritual journey get tired, but you remain tireless, you maintain courage. Then automatically the other souls will experience that. What I find with Baba's knowledge, you need to think about every word. What is the difference between cooperation and donation? There can be vast churning on that. Churning always happens when you like something from your heart. You might like something through your intellect, but there won't be churning. You can look inside and see how much churning happens on anything. It's only when something has touched your heart that there will be natural churning. Baba had been saying serve from the heart. It's not just through intellect, but also through virtues and the powers.

What is a true heart? Sometimes we do things, but there is a lack of honesty. I do it to please someone, I do it because it is necessary to do it or because it's important, but not necessary from my true heart. I think that we will have to do a lot of homework on one's own self, to see if I am doing this okay. If I do not accept or agree and I still do it, is it lack of honesty? I think that we can do both in the sense of being honest with yourself but also honest with other people. I think it's practical. I always had been honest with Dadi’s, with Baba, but sometimes there is not enough strength and lack of strength means then you do not accept. It's not that you are disobedient. You want to do it and when you accept it from heart, then you have a lot of strength in doing something or attainment. We all are together in Avyakti Parivar every evening. What is it? It is determination, attainment, and love. When the soul receives something, there is a pull. You cannot stop it. When the soul is touched through the heart, there is a great power. You will find simple things, like food, you love food. Some go by what food is good for health, but then the heart accepts that knowledge about the food. There are certain things people say are very good but your heart doesn't agree with that. There are many aspects of what your heart is accepting, so it must be very important that the heart is truthful. First, do I please myself, please others or please God? Sometimes pleasing one's own self could be manmat, listening to dictates of my own mind. Sometimes I want to please everyone, but the best is that I want to please God, be seated on God's heart throne. When you are able to please Baba, others will be pleased and you will also be pleased. It depends how you want to start with the self, others or Baba. Think about it. If your heart is not pleased, that means you won't be happy. You won't have power. It's important for my heart to be happy with the self. What I find very interesting is that these are very simple things, very common and as much we understand and then we practice then we have many different experiences. I would suggest that listening to a few words of Baba every day and reflecting on our homework and then practicing and having different experiences are very important, so churn.

Om Shanti !!


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