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With an honest heart all desires are fulfilled #18

Honest _Heart_18 Mohini_Didi December 18, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Our lovely sweet Baba, what doesHe want from us? He says, “I take all your burdens. Just give me all your worries and problems.” We have had this habit since the Copper Age, then in the Iron Age, we keep carrying our burdens, holding this, carrying this. It’s a human attitude, they think that whatever I have experienced, I have to keep it. I remember one time I was in Guyana. A boss was asking his driver, “Why are you worrying all the time about your family?” He said, “Where can I leave them?” So, they think that just as you carry your money, you also carry your problems and burdens. This has become a really strong habit. If God is telling us, whom else we will have faith in? Who else will love us as much Baba loves us? Still we are not able to give our worries to Baba and be light. I remember when Dadi Janki came, she used to go upstairs, and the time came when she couldn’t. So where I’m sitting today, Dadi Janki said, let’s make this as Baba’s room now. She started to sit in meditation every evening when she was here. She would come and sit in this room, since then, we are using this as Baba’s room also. Those who can go up, they still go, but I sit here.

There is this habit that whenever something happens, whether you got upset, someone got upset with you or some little mistakes happened, then go to Baba’s room and tell Baba that you will be more careful, but this is my chart. Today, Baba said in Murli that you give up anger, but you are being forceful, feeling irritation, or agitation. This is also not good. This nature of getting upset a little bit, getting irritated, all that, doesn't create the right atmosphere. So, we have to change. I’m honest with Baba and say to Baba, “I want to be lovely, I want to be sweet because love and sweetness can do wonders” If you’re forceful or irritated, the Lord is not pleased. So have this habit of going to Baba and immediately you submit your mistake to Baba. Baba said that when you have a clean heart, you give your account to Baba, chart to Baba. Whenever you feel that your enthusiasm is down, sometimes you have enthusiasm and it’s not fulfilled, so you could lose enthusiasm, just go to Baba. That means the habit of whatever is in your heart, talk to Baba so that your heart remains very clean. Later on, if you need to share your experience or something with other companions, do that, but what is in your heart, you have to go to Baba, and talk to Baba about it. Baba is saying that you give your chart, whether you are in a good stage or you are a little bit down in your stage, tell Baba, because Baba is promising you that He will fulfil your hopes and desires, both. We all have certain hopes in our life, also there are desires, some we express, some we don’t, but Baba knows. He will fulfil that, but you must do your part.

Today, I was reflecting on how company influences people, but also when we do something, good efforts or any kind of effort, it creates an atmosphere. It inspires others also to make good quality efforts, so you don’t lose hope. Sometimes it takes a long time, but it always works. So, Baba is saying that it is a race of efforts, join the race, do not try to copy or compete, why do I have to compete with anyone? You look at the goal in front of you, if you want to win, just be focused on your destination. You don’t have to look at who is racing or where everyone is, I have to reach my goal. Baba is explaining, and our Avyakt signal for homework tomorrow is very beautiful. So we will reflect, we will practice and definitely do it in practical.

Om Shanti

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