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With a True Heart Receive the Father's Blessings #09

Honest_Heart_9 Mohini_Didi December 8, 2022

Om Shanti everyone, Om Shanti!!

When we listen to Baba one wants to make everything real and practical. When Baba says worthy children, we experience Baba, Baba’s company and companionship. What is the difference between company and companion? If you are experiencing, what will be your stage? You will be a detached observer, detached and lovely. While doing service you will experience Baba’s company and Baba as a companion. We know that incognito Baba is present, but not necessarily in our intellect, nor do we practically feel that. I think time has come or in the future, we will need that very much. We do service, we can keep doing service, but what Baba wants, how He wants. It seems Baba is not talking much about service, but He is talking about His children and what we should be at present.

Yesterday Baba said I have given you all the treasures, I have nothing more to give, but have I received it all? Whenever Baba speaks I always feel His interest is in children because whatever we are, we can make others like that. You can give knowledge or Baba’s introduction, but as much you recognize, others will also experience that much. A lot depends on us. If I feel I am in a combined form, others will experience. If I keep telling everyone you should be in combined form, that won’t help. When Baba says something we feel it’s real because that’s what He is. I like that again for our homework, the avyakti signal when there is a true heart, there are blessings and those blessings will help me to get the right things at the right time. I think all of us would want to pay more attention to see that we could have that blessing so that I am accurate in my thoughts, words and actions.

I think a time will come when we won’t communicate through words but whatever is right, whatever is needed, what we should be doing will happen naturally. Our head will say do this now, this is the time to speak like this. The future is so unpredictable and everyday there are so many different kinds of small, big situations. I will need Baba as Guide, as Companion. I think maybe for a few moments during the day we have this experience that now Baba is my companion. That means my awareness internally should be that because when there is a true heart, there must be a lot of love. Baba is giving us knowledge, Baba is the one who has come to create our fortune. All the time it is Baba who is giving us, Baba who is with me. Baba gives an example of a lover and Beloved, what is in their heart is each other’s remembrance. Of course, it has to be Baba’s blessings and help that we are able to have that experience of company and companionship, or experience Baba’s blessings at the right time, then the right thought will come in our brain.

I feel sometimes I am very much pulled into a lot of silence because I feel we can plan, but not necessarily that everything happens in practical. How do we make it real? God is with me. He is my Companion. I think that if we take it as homework tomorrow both ways, homework of avyakt signal and also homework of what Baba said. How do I feel when Baba is my companion or I am in Baba’s company? What is it really to be a detached observer? Detached is one thing but detached observer, because you can’t close eyes on the drama. Whatever is happening is happening but how do I watch that? Then Baba said very simply, the definition of avyakt is beyond physical feelings. Avyakt not vyakt, vyakt is physical.

In the beginning when I came to Baba and I would be with the Dadis that was a real experience. Being with Dadi we use to feel together with Baba, as if Baba is guiding us, Baba is telling us what you all should do and of course now Baba tells us everything in the murli what we have to do, what service to do. It’s not that Baba is not telling us, but for us to feel internally in a subtle way, in a real way, in a practical way. Anything Brahma Baba had to do, he would get permission from Shiv Baba whether Baba had to travel, take care of the Yagya or anything, He would take shrimat. Now also because as we are moving forward, coming almost close to end, we have to be guided more and more by Baba for personal life, for service, for Yagya. When I listen to Baba I really feel very eager, ‘Baba that’s what I want to be, that’s I want to feel, I want to do that’. Doing everything, saying everything or even while listening, watching, not in an ordinary stage, but from avyakt stage, being a detached observer. There will be so much intoxication, so much joy, happiness, lightness, wonders and miracles. I definitely want to witness God, because we can continue on our journey as we are, but Baba said no, we have to be perfect, we have to be avyakt, you have to experience the combined form.

I know we all are very busy. It's good to be busy, and it’s also a blessing. When you have nothing to do, somewhere your time and energy will go to waste. We have a lot to do but we want to do it the way Baba says. We want to receive the blessing where the head is touched. Let us practice a few of these things. When I am talking, thinking of Brahma Baba and Dadis, I get a kind of feeling inside that I used to have. Now we have to create it because if we create, we experience that and others can also. Otherwise they won’t feel it so I have to become and then make others like that. Am I doing everything appropriately? Did we get the signal from Baba? All these we have to check and then as I said we have to become embodiment. We have to practice also.

Om Shanti.

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