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Tapasya #5

Tapasya_5 Mohini_Didi January 5, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is keeping well? Okay, yes we have to remain double light. Every day in the morning Murli, Baba says to be double light so that you can fly. Today also Baba said the burden is of “I and mine.” I had been really paying attention to follow and take blessings from Baba so that I can remain double light. Baba said that the destination is high, but we always remember that Baba and we all are together on the journey. We asked Baba’s trance messenger, Dadi Gulzar, why Baba became avyakt or why Baba left us. Baba said, “Just to help you all also to become avyakt.” Since then, our attention has been on really understanding what is to be avyakt. So, there was a definition of avyakt that means just going beyond all that which is gross, whether human beings or any material thing, even ones on body. When you go beyond something, you also have to be very connected with Baba. Baba wants us to maintain enthusiasm and now because we have these points of follow Father, so Baba wants not only aims but also qualifications.

I thought that it is good if we can take just one point, even if there is a lot of dharna in that, and follow the Father. In this way, we can be truthful, have the authority of truth, but also be very humble and egoless, because when there is true greatness, there is no ego. I find that day by day all of us are becoming more and more humble. We all want to serve the way Baba wants us to serve, and when you say serve with forgiveness, this means I need to forgive myself first. Baba keeps saying that we should share love with everyone, whatever the soul is, it is important to share love and respect. Every Baba’s child is special, respectable, and serviceable. Every child has a lot of beautiful qualities. I remember that Avyakt BapDada said that one of the specialities of each of the children is the recognition of God. There are so many scholars, saints, sages, and rich people, but they don’t recognize God. So, we recognize our Father and we belong to one Father. Another specialty is that all the children except purity, everyone lives the life of purity, so that also makes us belong to the family. Third is that everyone wants to serve the Yagya.

So, the soul is really from the deity religion. Baba says those who do not belong to the deity religion won’t get that thought that they were deities and are becoming that again. So, that also is something they immediately recognize, whether they’re educated or not educated. Even in the family now, some of the young ones are now playing a good role. So, respect is because of belonging to Baba. Baba said that you should have respect for those souls who are seniors and who do a lot of service. Baba keeps saying to value what they say, like giving directions you should follow, otherwise respect every soul for whatever they are. So, distribute love, give respect, and have constant good wishes for everyone. That is the biggest task Baba has given us in today’s time. So, it is a combination of tapasya and following the Father. Baba says that you believe, you accept, and you also have the qualifications. Once I understand something and it comes in my awareness, I keep doing it. Internally, we start feeling that we are inculcating qualities like Baba. Baba is saying that greatness within the soul and humility here is not you being subservient, but humility is that I am in my self-respect, I am Shiv Shakti. Once I am in my self-respect, I will be able to respect others.

I like very much this whole Murli on the knowledge being new, life style is new, but also, I think all over the world, everywhere the Iron Age, Kalyug is getting darker and darker. I really have to remind myself, I am at the Confluence Age because the energy and the power of remembering this keeps us fearless and free from worry. Whatever you see happening can create great concern. If I am in the Confluence Age, I can create that energy of moving towards the Golden Age. When we look at the Kalpa tree, we know that this tree is very old and we are part of the new sapling. Baba says many times to look at the cycle which is shown as a clock, and in that clock I know the needle is moving towards the Golden Age. The darkest time is during 12 midnight, but from that moment there is a beautiful song that the dawn is coming, and so the morning begins. So, this consciousness and awareness of this time will really have a lot of courage, stability, and enthusiasm about where we are going and what we are becoming. Baba said that you are going to the land of peace, the land of happiness. So, while being in this world, in this Iron Age, this needs to be very firm in our consciousness where we are, and where we are going. I think Brahma Baba definitely must have kept that awareness all the time, because that is the truth, and that truth authority God has told us. Many people would shake your faith by telling you to look at what is happening, and sometimes it could be in one’s own present, that you believe what is happening.

So, I have to create this very pure powerful awareness of the time and that this is the truth. What is the authority of truth? It is where we are going, moving towards the dawn, when morning will begin. It's the land of happiness, and Baba says that we live as Baba’s children, completely in harmony with love. So, what will it be like in the Golden Age? Keep thinking about all different points, and this will help us to have, like Baba said, attributes or qualities like our aim. Early morning is a time to think, think of at least one quality, of course we can think many. Today, I just felt ,“Baba, you are the one who heals everyone. You are the one who is the remover of sorrow, and the giver of happiness.” So, we also have to be like Baba, Baba is ever happy, beyond everything, but happiness also is when you appreciate. One sister wrote me a long email, but every step she was appreciating the help of Brahmin family, help of Baba, help of Drama and when I read the email, I felt so happy and I said, “Wow, such an attitude, at every step Baba is helping, Baba is giving, and family is cooperating.” I also saw one who wrote and always looks very content, very positive, and always takes virtues from everyone. I said that because she is like that, her email gave me happiness. That's how we all should be, that’s what is called distribution, whether of love, happiness or any qualities. Baba is saying that we have to do this, and have good wishes for everyone.

Om Shanti

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