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Whatever you speak, let that be your form #5

Sweetness_and_Love_5                   Mohini_Didi                 February 5, 2024

Om Shanti, Baba’s sweet children!

Baba always says, “my sweet, sweet children”. We experience Baba’s love and Baba’s love is that he always causes sweet children. We say that the soul has mind and intellect and body has a brain and heart. They all are connected. the intellect with the brain and heart with the mind. Sometimes there are certain things deep down in our mind, but we say my heart is saying it. Many have been asking me what it means that the heart is saying it. It is the mind, but I say both are connected. Whatever is in the heart comes in the form of thoughts, that means you have lots of love. It's in the heart, it's in the mind, but you say, “I am really saying it deep down from my heart”, then others feel that what you're saying is right, is true, it will happen. There is this deep connection between heart and mind like when you use a lot of intellect, you feel your head is tired, because they both are deeply connected.

Now Baba is saying that the third important thing is your face, eyes and face. What is in your heart reflects through your eyes. An expression of love immediately comes through our eyes. Sorrow, fear, intoxication, anything is visible through your eyes and of course through your face. There is a saying, face is the index of mind. Even if you try to hide and try to pretend my thoughts and feelings aren’t visible, but the expression is there. What Baba wants now are the qualities like sweetness, truth, these qualities should be from the heart. From there it comes on our face and also our words. The vibrations are very powerful whether of love or of anger or dislike. Baba says, now you are inculcating so many qualities, but these qualities should be visible through your eyes and through your face.

I have been working on creating, what I call, inner energy, because I found that all the thoughts are connected with that. Let's say I have the quality of contentment, it’s energy of contentment, so I always feel everything is OK. This is OK, it's like contentment and if there is frustration because of any reason, then our thoughts are based on that. Baba talked about virtue and power. I was experiencing that every virtue is like a power, like energy, and all the thoughts which are created are based on that. I was telling Bhumi ben, to kind of reclaim, recreate some of the energy from different virtues, especially when one goes through the journey of the body. Baba says it is a kind of mixed feeling. It's all the time very simple food for body, care for body, body, body.  I was telling her, now I'm looking at which energy I want to create, which virtue and power I want to have so that my thinking is clear, farsighted, courageous, enthusiastic, whatever is needed, not only day-to-day life but also any task we do. You all can think about it also and see what is your present energy, is it of joy? Whatever it is, make sure that energy is good and from there you will have thoughts from that. You will have hope, you will have courage, you will have answers, you will have solutions. If for any reason there is lack of energy, lack of  power, of very low, ordinary, with a lot of doubts, a lot of questions, a lot of subtle fears, I see a connection of thoughts with the inner energy that means inner power. Check if you need to rebuild. We all can do it.  I've been thinking a lot about how to make it more and more powerful. 

Today Baba was talking about whatever you speak, let that be your form, but it doesn't show on your face or through the voice. Someone was talking to another person and she said, “oh you don't love me”, but I love you. That's why I'm saying this, it is not showing on your face. Baba is saying to let there be sweetness in your words but internally let also there also be authority. Let your words be filled with the feelings of mercy whatever you speak, let there be that in your form. When you imbibe virtues like humility, love, sweetness and truth etc., in your life, you will be able to do the service revealing the Father. Whatever Baba’s qualities, take one for the team and create that awareness of that quality or energy of that quality, vibrations of that quality which is your strength and think based on that. It will be natural. Your thoughts would be very powerful, very much supporting. We have to maintain some of these virtues in a very natural way, so that they are our inner strength and our thoughts continue to be powerful.

Om Shanti

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