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Wear the Accurate Glasses of Self-Progress #10

Honest_Heart_10 Mohini_Didi December 10, 2022

Om Shanti!

Baba's lovely Avyakti Parivar, angelic family, family of angels. In the lokik world also, family is like a bond, they are happy when they meet. So, Baba has created this parivar also for us. It really must be a pull from Baba that we are able to be together almost three years now. Very soon we will be celebrating 1000 days. I was saying in life that whenever we create discipline, it is always very beneficial, because discipline increases our determination. If I keep giving myself a choice whether I do this today or not, whether this is the time or not, the mind also gives different directions, different dictates and then one is not able to be consistent. Brahma Baba at the age of 60 started giving Murli, and for 39 years Baba didn't miss Murli a single day. He didn't see whether there are 10 children or 20, or there are 100, Baba just said. Now we realize that if Baba wouldn't have spoken Murli everyday, then what about us? Everywhere we have morning class and we listen to Murli every morning, or we read Murli every morning, because Baba did right. So, we should never think it's a waste or never think there’s not too many coming. Whatever is right, whatever is time, whatever is beneficial, just do it. That's why I like the point that you don't have to please the few, you have to please the Lord. If Baba is pleased, Baba will give you a large capacity of intellect. We all have a good intellect, an intellect that has knowledge, has Baba’s remembrance. Still I definitely can think of many times I do feel suddenly that a very good solution comes. I say it must be from Baba.

The way Brahma Baba made effort, of course now we have a choice of in person or on zoom. It used to be very cold like it is now in Mt Abu, like they have minus, it's freezing there. Still everyone goes to the classroom and it is so cold. Even though Dr. Nirmala, her health is very fragile, but she goes to read Murli, she doesn't say, “I will read Murli on zoom.” I really feel the courage that in so much cold, she still goes to read Murli, and those who really believe that attendance is important, they go. Others say, “No, I can listen while doing things.” There will always be a lot of excuses if I don't want to do it. Baba is making it so simple that if you like the person you become like them. So we like Baba, we have love for Baba, we have to become like Baba. Baba is saying to take off the glasses of carelessness. Carelessness is listening to the dictates of your own mind. We always listen to dictates of the mind, one is in good stage when we are following Shrimat, and other is when you are weak in the sense of I will do whenever. Especially after zoom we noticed like. “Okay I don't need to go, I can sit in my room, I can do anything and listen to Murli.” So, Baba says to take off the glasses of carelessness and wear the glasses of self progress, because if we do everything that is comfortable without any discipline, without any timetable, then we can never grow. Just be very careful and attentive, don't be fooled by the mind and body.

I really feel thankful to Baba that He has given us this bond of Avyakti Parivar that we are together and I see you all for so many years, we will be completing our 1000 days. It's everyone's enthusiasm together, I see souls from Montreal, El Salvdor, Brazil and the time difference is 2-3 hours, still you all come, and still we are able to see each other. This bond is so beneficial if we didn't have this bond, I myself think that coming from India with the time difference for Bhoomi behn and myself, it would have been impossible. We are in this bond and we accept this from Baba that we are able to do it every evening, or morning in Madhuban and evening in New York. So we should be happy about this bond otherwise we would be sleeping by now. So, that's what Baba says when we have an honest heart, He gives us gifts. Avyakti parivar really is a gift. I am surprised, you all must be surprised, whenever I met the group in Madhuban we wanted to give them gift of calendar. So Bhoomi behn and myself would ask, “Are you connected with Avyakti parivar? Rarely anyone is there who does not raise hands, whether they are from different country, from USA, everyone raise hands. I didn't know there are so many people. So in a way, for us to maintain Avyakti parivar is a big blessing from Baba, because of the whole family wherever they are. Some are very honest. Yesterday, someone wrote to me that she has an eye problem, so she could not turn on her video, because I used to see her. Everyday, every evening, I did not see her, I was looking for her. So she must have realized that she should inform me why she was not seen on video because of her eye problem. So I think some of these bonds of the Confluence Age are definitely created by Baba so we continue to progress together. We can talk about efforts whether it is Avyakti signals or any kind of efforts. Madhuban also reads Avyakti signas lafter every Murli, so we decided to be part of that.

So, now is the month of December. It's a children's month, in lokik way yes children but we are also children/ Young ones like to entertain us, they feel very happy. So from today something new will begin and you know it's our policy we do not put children's program on youtube, so you can see live. So from today we will start the children's program. There is a request to stay on to look at what they have to show us, what they have to say to us. We start the celebration of Avyakti Parivar with children. All the youth, they are continuing and they are also in a way making good efforts. So tomorrow's homework is of pleasing Lord. Enjoy the gift of intellect that Baba gives and which becomes a lift from your honest heart. So, watch for that and have some experience. I am sure all will have an unlimited intellect as a gift from an honest heart.

Om Shanti


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