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Victorious Jewels #21

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_21 Mohini_Didi April 21, 2023

Om Shanti!

Baba gives blessings as if He gave us the seeds and now we have to plant the seeds and really take care of them. One way is to keep creating the awareness of one's own blessing so that “Simirti” becomes “Samarthi” will become power. Baba says you are a victorious jewel or jewel of contentment so I have to keep reminding myself two times a day, not only when I need it. It should be very regular because that is like watering the seed. It’s not that everyone is good at planting and taking care of plants, you have to learn. We know seeds need sunlight, water and fertilizer. It is the same with the seed of the blessings which Baba gives us, to keep nurturing that seed is important.

Baba wants all of us to be complete and perfect because it’s only when I am complete, can I be accurate and perfect. Maya has different ways to pull us but we have to be very attentive in our thoughts, words, and actions because every thought I create has some vibrations, creates an atmosphere, then I become responsible for that. What is needed today in the world is the atmosphere of love, peace, harmony, belonging, and good qualities. What I have to do is to create such elevated thoughts which helps to establish the world Baba is creating for us. That’s incognito, but that’s the real service because any one who comes in that atmosphere will have some experience. They will also experience Baba. To feel the presence of Baba, I have to create that kind of atmosphere. We look at the picture of Brahma Baba, Mama or Shivbaba with a lot of love, take drishti with a lot of love so you are putting that in the picture so anyone who looks at it will have that feeling. If you keep Baba’s picture very clean, whatever bhavna you have, anyone who comes in front of it will have the same bhavna. That is one of the ways we serve through the mind, through feelings of belonging, appreciation, and being thankful to Baba. Keep talking to Baba, “Baba you are the one who keeps us carefree, so elevated.” Elevated thoughts are the thoughts where I can create the presence of Baba. Baba said when Avyakt BapDada came the whole hall became like avyakt vatan, subtle region. We can do that also. Some day we should do that practice and see if we are able to create a subtle world and a world of silence. It is the same through words. Our words should be very positive, pure and encouraging, helping souls to have more hope. Be victorious and your time, energy and money through which we do actions will be used thoughtfully, in a worthwhile way.

The point that Baba is bringing today is there are 108 beads in the rosary and they have become part of the rosary because they are perfect. Without perfection, beads cannot be part of rosary. It’s not that I have to follow anyone for that perfection. Each one of us has our own stage of perfection. Every soul is eternally different, no two souls can be the same. Even when we look at the beads Baba and Mama, you cannot compare because both had unlimited love, unlimited service. The sustenance we got from them is still there. When we came in Gyan they used to say to make others like you. Didi then said, if you have some defects and make someone like you, they will also have the same defects, so make them like Baba.

Somedays I really feel so much presence of Sakar Baba, Yagya, it was so lovely, big family, sharing, churning, but Baba also kept everyone very entertaining too. We would talk of different parts we would play in the golden age so that each one of us kept remembering. I have to be like Baba so every time I sit with Baba, I try to experience one of the qualities and cultivate that quality. I sit with Baba and feel a lot of trust or love, so I just remain merged in that love so that it will become my virtue. There is a difference between the quality of love and love of souls. When looking at some of the Dadis we felt Baba’s love. The power it has is a feeling of belonging. It removes sorrow, helps us find solutions, and intellect becomes powerful. So many attainments are there.

Baba keeps saying that all are perfect and all are victorious because now the time of the different forms of Maya come. Maya will test us. We are conquerors of first, lust, perfect purity is important. We become free from tensions, we don't get impatient. We have tolerance so there is no anger. Then comes greed which is very incognito. We should control if we find some trace of greed for anything. When there is greed there is so much connection of telling lies and stealing. Greed also has a lot of connection with attachment, whether attachment with your own body or any physical relationship. Wherever there is weakness Maya will try to make you do something which is not right, whether breaking Maryadas or not doing elevated actions or thoughts because now is the time not only to settle, but create whatever charitable elevated actions you can. Maya will try to interfere so that you don’t increase your balance, but if you remember I have to be victorious and subtly keep checking and belong to Baba, you will keep getting more success. We have to be a little bit more attentive and careful these days so that Maya doesn’t make me do any action which takes me from my stage of being karmateet or perfect.

Baba wants us to have that experience of subtle region and incorporeal world while in corporeal because we can’t really experience anything in the incorporeal world because without a body the soul will not feel anything. Now at confluence age we can experience the incorporeal stage or as Baba said, language of eyes or language of signals. As much we become subtle there will be angelic language because that’s what we are becoming. We continue on our journey to become Brahmin, to become perfect and today remember I have to be a victorious soul, I have to be a soul of contentment.

Om Shanti.


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