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Victorious form with faith in the intellect #3

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_3      Mohini_Didi           March 3, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba’s each child should be an image of victory, whether it is a lifestyle, life or whatever we do, it's because of Baba’s directions. Baba has given us knowledge and we are following Shrimat. Then there is victory all the time. If I have a habit of following the dictates of mind, there will definitely be fear. So, the whole image of victory is only possible if I follow Shrimat and do actions according to the method of knowledge, and with the power of yoga. There won't be any doubt, there won't be any fear. Baba said so nicely that the problems come in the form of Maya. For example, someone’s anger, someone's nature, all these are different forms of Maya. I like the word ‘image of victory’. What would that image be? The face will be cheerful with some kind of victory or carefree nature. The intellect is very stable. All these will be different qualities. I also like when Baba said that even if people have a lot of wealth, it doesn’t compare to you children who have many, many treasures. We have treasures of powers, virtues and happiness. If you remember this, you have this intoxication that you will definitely be victorious and a conqueror soul. Baba is saying to be victorious with faith in the intellect. It is the duty of problems to come, and the duty of souls with faith in the intellect to transform the problems by being an embodiment of solutions. When each of you Brahmin souls challenge Maya to come, then you are going to become conqueror of Maya who comes in the form of the problem. Baba says that since you have challenged her she will definitely oppose you. Then with your victorious form, through having faith in the intellect and by considering everything to be ‘nothing new’, Baba says to overcome it and you will remain a carefree emperor. So it is very important to always remember, I am the image of victory. Then, I think that your face will show the image of victory. 

Om Shanti


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