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Using The Treasures Is The Method For Accumulating Them #18

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_18 Mohini_Didi March 18, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay? Everyone looks beautiful, full, and well. That's very good. Baba's special blessings are on all of us. So, Baba reminds us about full stop, what we have to accumulate, accumulate all the treasures, and I think that the first item in the treasure store is knowledge. Knowledge is light, knowledge is might, and knowledge is also virtuous. So, we have knowledge, and knowledge is understanding. We apply that knowledge, and that also creates good yoga, connection with One. We have love for everyone, and then yoga changes into dharna. When you have good yoga, you use all Baba's qualities, all Baba's treasures stores. Of course, dharna is of spiritual love, dharna is of purity, dharna is of peace, dharna is of love, so all the qualities are based on dharna. Then there is a lot of seva. So, what Baba wants is for us to use all the treasure stores, first for the self, and then for others. Using them will help you to accumulate more and more. So, we use knowledge, virtues, and all the powers in Baba's task. In a lokik way, when people have treasure stores, they have to keep them in lockers to keep them safe, and also to accumulate. People have lots of lockers to put their jewelry, currency, and a lot of different things. Here, Baba says that if you think by keeping it in a locker, you have a lot, but actually, it should be different. As much as you use in the task, that's the method to accumulate. The way to accumulate is to use it for self and others, where local money, physical money, actually reduces when you use them. If you have a thousand and you use ten thousand, it will be less. You feel that I used this much wealth already. That is why people not only have to earn the income but also they have to be very careful in using it towards the self.

So, knowledge should be changed into an elevated attitude. That means you are using your elevated awareness, and elevated attitude, everything elevated. Actually, this is how it gets accumulated, when you use it in any task. Using it properly is proper accumulation. In an alokik way, spiritual way, you use for the self, use for the others. So interesting to see both ways for physical wealth and spiritual wealth. Even when the soul leaves the body, whatever you have accumulated, in any form, such as wealth, it is the physical material things that really don't belong to you. Can you imagine that I have collected a few millions, I cannot take anything with me because that is the principle, that is the law. Whatever you use for God's service, service to humanity, the more you use it, that will be accumulated. In the lokik world, when you do a job or any duty you get money, you earn income, and you spend and save. With the service that we do, our income is imperishable, invisible. I cannot exactly say how much I use, and how much I save. So, there has to be clarity that my every breath, every thought, every word, should be based on knowledge, and it should also be based on yoga, love. So, when we serve a soul with these treasures, they get accumulated, and one becomes more loveful, one has more power to merge, and to be elevated. When you have accumulation, you have savings, and then you can use more. If I am not able to have love consistently for everyone, that means I don't have it in stock. If you have it in stock, if you have accumulated, then you can definitely keep giving.

Even with the example of peace, if there is conflict or there is a crisis, not only would you remain peaceful, but you look at everyone and you bestow peace, you give peace to everyone. The same could be with knowledge. You deepen your understanding, your wisdom is growing and the treasure store is also growing. So, look at each virtue the whole day. Am I donating to the self and others? One of the signs of accumulation is fortune. Even if you make efforts, you earn income, and you are very fortunate in everything, the effort is natural, free from obstacles. Everything looks like without much labor, you are able to receive, that's your fortune. Accumulation, in other words, is fortune. So, if you want to remain full, if you want to have imperishable income all the time, then have the fortune, and in fortune we have everything.

Om Shanti

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