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Use Everything In A Worthwhile Way #20

Om Shanti Everyone!

This whole month is about saving schemes. Baba's saving scheme is very unique. Compared to saving schemes in the lokik world, where you go to a good bank they will make so many proposals and they encourage you, because they profit from it. Our savings scheme we profit, but others in the family also profit. Today Baba is explaining to us how to use our contribution in a worthwhile way. On the path of bhakti there is a different kind of feeling when we are donating something. A very popular example is when there is an eclipse. Ancient believers in most traditions believe when there is an eclipse there's something wrong or some harmful things can happen. It's like a big obstacle. I remember that especially in Bombay on the street there are some poor people shouting to give donations (dehdaan). You will be free from Eclipse (Dehdaan chute grahan) they keep shouting. The thought actually is that if there are any eclipses in my life, they should be removed. There are many things we call storms, tests or obstacles of Maya, but this is called eclipse. There is always a connection of matter or elements with the souls in some way. Some might call it superstition or blind faith, but some of the things which happen in nature are definitely connected with us. That is why people either donate or they think they have to do something charitable.

One common belief is whatever actions you do, you sow the seed and reap the rewards in different ways in life. During the whole year, there are certain situations or certain days to celebrate. Some people, on certain days of the year, like to feed the poor. When we see that kind of donation, I have a different feeling that life is sharing, but some don’t. They only think of themselves and have a miserly attitude towards poor people or others in general, but sharing of any kind immediately brings some benefit. Charity is one thing, but sharing in common. Then there are certain days we feed the priests or brahmins. Some donate clothes or money, so there are many different ways of donating. The whole concept of charity is to help someone in misery, suffering or sorrow. Sometimes you have to use time, sometimes wealth or different resources. Sometimes they make food or something. What Baba is saying today is that when you do charity, your enthusiasm increases. You feel joyful when you give a hungry person an apple or anything. Be very careful in giving money because many of these poor people have bad habits too. The reason why Baba said don't give is because if they go and buy a bottle of liquor, it involves your karma too. We have to be careful so we give food or clothes. One concept is sharing and the other concept is helping people reduce their suffering, but also using everything in a worthwhile way. There are many organizations like Salvation Army and whatever you're not using you give them, so that they can give to needy ones. We don't throw it, we give it. When someone can use it, the soul receives that reward. These are two concepts: donation and worthwhile.

Baba is talking about how you spend time. That means what you could have done in 10 minutes, you do it in two minutes and you save eight minutes to do something else. Either your concentration or your power to discern increases and then you are able to use your time in a worthwhile way. Baba is saying that when your internal nature is simple and serene you're not complicated. A quality emerges in you, and that quality is what Baba says is less expenditure and more achievement. It can be for not only time, but for food, anything. Some people spend a lot and don't achieve that much. There is some kind of energy that you are able to save. This is a deep concept, that I want a hundred percent out of what I do, 100 percent results of use of time. 100 percent of what I give in charity or use in a worthwhile way. Even if you give a little bit of support to someone who is doing either karma yoga or any kind of seva. Let's say taking initiative stopped at Baba’s home and you are enthusiastic and you say you will do it. That's the third concept, supporting and cooperating is also increasing the joy and enthusiasm of others.

Understanding of all these then becomes knowledge. We know we have to help in Baba's task but so many things we used to spend money on, we stopped. After coming to knowledge, how many times did we go out to have dinner or films? That kind of expense is our savings and it is from that savings we do service. Baba said I don't take anything from anyone, whatever you do is for your fortune. Baba also said, what you were wasting I have taught you to use it in a worthwhile way. One man came, I remember he was a lawyer in the museum at Abu. He just learned a little bit of knowledge and yoga. He used to drink a lot. He wrote to Baba that he wanted to open two centers. Baba asked, how he would open two. He said, as much money I used to spend drinking, I want to give all that money to be used in Baba's seva. That means you save and then you use it in a worthwhile way. There are many other concepts but the main concept is, donate, use it in a worthwhile way and create the fortune. That could be another saving scheme. You save and then you invest.

Om Shanti

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