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World Emperor #04

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Elevated_Self_Respect_4 Mohini_ Didi June 04, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

All are ok? Very good. When we listen to Baba, then we realise that our first creation is our own thinking. We talk about the new world, new age, but everything begins with one’s own thoughts. If we really look at how much sometimes the thoughts could be of the old world, old sanskars, or generally whatever we see in the world is of the old world. To create the thoughts of the new age, like Baba said, you will feel that tomorrow the new age begins for me. Even at present. So, each one of us should pay attention to see what kind of thoughts we are creating. With Brahma Baba, we saw his every thought was about the Golden Age, about the new kingdom, the new age. So, we should pay attention to what we are thinking, because that is what we are creating. So our feelings will be based on our thoughts because even in our intellect there is faith, there will be a new age, there will be the Golden Age. You have to feel it now. If you can't feel it now, you won't have the sanskars. Golden Aged sanskars are created at the Confluence Age. The sanskars of the Golden Age will give you the experience of the Golden Age. Some say that now it's not the Golden Age, but it’s now that you have to create the sanskars. How many of you understand that today if I am not feeling it's the Golden Age. That is no worry, no fear, we are carefree. Baba gives us everything. Is there anyone who doesn't have all attainments? So if I have the experience that there are all attainments, then this is the Golden Age. I am realizing that it's the sanskars of the Golden Age, and then there will be sansar or the world of the Golden Age.

The whole creation is our thoughts and our sanskars. So I think it's a new kind of awareness but it's very important. Just imagine us all together in the Golden Age, and then keep looking at how there was harmony, how the lion and lamb drank water from the same bank. So keep thinking about what's happening there and everything will start happening here. We have to create it. When will we create? At the Confluence age. So my thoughts are of love, of peace, of happiness, of abundance. Then create those sanskars by thinking about it, and then it will be very easy to accept today's self-respect of world emperor. I was thinking about when Baba says Lakshmi Narayan are like servers and everyone is like their child. All subjects are like children. So here, we look at everyone as God's children. All the souls are God's children. These are the sanskars of Lakshmi Narayan. Whenever I find that I am not seeing everyone as God's children, you're not an Emperor, right? I've been realising how Baba's children, every thought, word and action, is just for service. Doing also of course, sevadharis, karma yogis. All day, I see they're doing seva. I look at everyone and I say I do mansa seva so that all the obstacles and difficulties that come on the way, can be removed.

So, Baba is saying that the World server or World Emperor, one of their important quality will be all attainments. Today, I was really thinking that how fortunate we are, our fortune is the highest. Baba gives us everything without any fear, without any worry, any negativity. In a lokik way, even if you are eating good food, you keep thinking. Some people say, “A time will come, you won't get food.” So, either they think of the past or the future, but not Baba’s children. So, when you think more, you start feeling that we are the emperors, and we are the ones who have to serve the world. Even when we breathe, the air gets our love, gets our peace, nature is served also. So, at least you feel you are a world server all the time. We always think, have good wishes for all the souls of the world and we have this thought that, yes, this world has to change. The new age is coming. So we cannot sit and share the news of the old world. Then concerns and worries begin.

So Baba is saying that if you have this self-respect, I am giving you time, some moments in between to feel it, the life of all attainments. It's the mind, it's the body, it's the resources, it's relationships. Of course on this journey here, a lot of settling from the past happens, but our present is powerful. You will manage and you will know it will work out. Baba is saying that here when you have a status then you get respect, but if you have self-respect, you will also get respect. It's not be going to become president or prime minister here. They get respect because of their status, right? We get respect because of our self-respect. How many of you walk in the thought that I am a world emperor? Try this tomorrow and see how everyone looks at you. They will look at you as a sovereign, and natural vibrations will be sent. You will think that everyone has love for me, respect for me. Most people, their thoughts are of the past and for the future, mostly. You check thoughts. Ok, this happened, this might happen, this shouldn't have happened. How much am I really being present? This present is like I am saying something and within a second, it's becoming the past. Also, when I am saying it, it is creating energy, and that's my future.

There are so many of our ancestors, our Dadis, they did the service at the time, they had nothing materially. Somebody said, “From where it will come?” Dadi used to say, “Jyoti Bindu will give it to me”. She just kept saying it. So they wanted to do a big Mela, so there are people, money. How will you do it? Jyoti Bindu will do it. They say that was the best mela. It happened because whenever she said Jyoti Bindu, it's like you invoking God's Powers, right? So, you have to trust your own thought, that is this is my creation. So all attainments, new age, and using the present, every moment of the present, will always be bringing all attainments and success. Somewhere Baba's children, I find sometimes have lost their faith in their own thoughts. That's why Baba had been saying that every second of theConfluence Age is equal to many years. In one second, the thoughts you create, that quality of the future and the past, and also the world. So let's feel that new age. Let's have thoughts and sanskars of the new age and feel how we are living. This is heaven. So we have to feel that way, and when we feel these feelings, they will spread and more people will feel it. So, have the self-respect - I am a World Emperor and have the life of all attainments.

Om Shanti

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