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Uplift those who have fallen and make them cooperative #03

Elevated_Self_Respect_3 Mohini Didi June 3, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Happy? Everyone is well, that’s very good. We revised last Sunday’s Murli from Sunday to Saturday, and I think today was the conclusion of the Murli. Baba said that we have to be Brahmins, angels, and deities. As Brahmins, we follow Shrimat and everything we do, because of the purity and the lightness, makes us angels. That means it is very important to be a good Brahmin. Whatever the attributes of Brahmins, they are shown that they study and they teach. They are always shown with the scriptures in their hands. I have been noticing that whether it is Brahma Baba or our ancestor's souls, they all have lots of love for knowledge. That is the source of the power. So a good Brahmin takes a shower in the morning and in the evening, keeping themselves clean, but this is the shower of knowledge. Morning, evening, whenever we have a few minutes, think about a point, churn on it, and share with others. We have also been given the avyakt signals, and we take it as homework. What are the qualities of one who has self-respect? What will they do? It’s not that they think that if someone has fallen, it’s their karma so let them settle. One who is in self-respect will act as a deity, that means to give cooperation, help the soul. Giving is important. Sometimes you feel maybe your stage could be affected, you yourself could be influenced by the weakness, but use the power of self-respect and uplift that soul. I remember that even physically, if you uplift someone or lift someone they feel very obliged and they become cooperative. I have experience of helping many souls physically, and I find whenever they see us they have so much respect, those who are even against us become our good friends. So apply this and see within the Brahman family also, sometimes whatever others go through we get affected. If we are in self-respect, whatever some souls are going through, we try to help them. So, Baba is saying that it’s like you feel merciful, not neglected. A charitable soul will always help.

I think we review in our life where I had a thought and I couldn’t help, or I had a thought and I could help and I maintain that thought so I can continue to cooperate, making them cooperative also. It’s because of the help you give, but all this is really in a subtle way. As Baba said, if I have good wishes, good feelings for everyone, if there is love, you will naturally do it, but if there is ego, you will just pass and say, “Well, I can’t help.” Even to ask people, “Do you need help? Do you need anything?” I find that even just simple words like this, you have a lot of beautiful feelings of belonging. So, what Baba says is to be in self-respect and be a charitable soul, always help, sympathize, no ego, no force. Baba is saying that it all should be self-respect and lots of love. Even if they are not in knowledge, sometimes we think I can only help Brahmins, but there are people who seek help and will seek advice, so whatever way we can help, we should. Once I was coming out of the house and there was an older woman who lives next-door. She likes to wear high heels, so when she was walking, she tried to greet us and she fell. She was old and not very big, so I just gave her a hand and she got up. Then when she went home, she was going about her business, and her son said “Oh, I want to help the sisters, I want to do this, you all are such good people, my mother fell and you helped. So the change could happen. They are from different religion and culture, they don’t look at us, and I know every time they will bow, they will wish, that respect emerges. Baba says that if you do anything, when you give respect, then you will also receive respect. So we have so many examples. So, be kind, compassionate, sympathize, and love.

Om Shanti


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