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Unlimited and Benevolent Attitude #6

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_6 Mohini_Didi May 06, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Good, yes, that’s very good. When there is a divine image, or the idols of gods and goddesses, deities, and that little space where we put them, we call it a temple. So, today Baba is drawing our attention to the place we live, that means the space that I occupy. It could be one god or two goddesses in a room or whatever, but the space should have such powerful vibrations that anyone who enters there just feels peace, and light. I think of going into the rooms of Dadi Janki and Dadi Gulzar, whether it was a living room or bedroom or dining room, wherever you go, the vibrations are very powerful and very unique. It is a very clean place, very powerful. Everything is perfect in the sense that nothing is around in the room, completely organized. So that is physical, but then also there are subtle vibrations. So we all have to start thinking about that and keep our space very clean, very organized, very peaceful, and have very powerful vibrations. I was thinking our sisters walk from Avyakti Bhavan to Harmony house, so they walk the whole day, they come, they go. So, it is just like Brahma Baba walking from the room up to the tower of peace. That used to be his walking space, so it’s an action, walking is an action but how tapasya an action? I remember many times we used to go for or walk outside, and Baba used to say to go in silence so that anyone who sees you will look at you and feel these are angels. These sisters are not from this world, they are beyond. So, Baba used to tell us while walking to just be in soul consciousness. These days we have less attention on these things. So then the impact is also less. People look at us in white clothes but not necessarily as angels.

So, Baba is talking of action and then tapasya, but also renunciation. We look at Brahma Baba and his renunciation. Renunciation here is more of the mind and intellect. The mind and intellect do not get entertained by wondering, in the sense of getting connected anywhere. The mind and intellect should have concentration, whenever we want to withdraw, it should take just one second. Renunciation means that nothing belongs to me, I belong to Baba, Baba belongs to me. In the beginning, we come to Baba and we renounce whatever in a physical way, we become spiritual, our system costumes, our dress everything changed, that was renunciation. Renunciation is attention on the self, there is no influence on me, my mind doesn’t have wasteful thoughts, because wasteful thoughts come only when there is lack of renunciation. It is okay if you renounce, but there is also tapasya, taking the mind and intellect towards Baba, just have a very stable mind. So the combination of action, tapasya, and renunciation is Brahma Baba’s example. I find that is really powerful, we are paying attention to doing tapasya while doing actions. Just imagine, whether you are working in the kitchen or anything you are doing, the whole place will be charged with complete vibrations of purity, love, and peace. Many of us live at Baba’s homes. So naturally, the vibrations have to be very peaceful and powerful in Baba’s homes.

I remember one time Baba said, “I have only one child who is consistent and stable.” So we thought, let’s see which child that is. Baba said ‘Museum‘, because they never change mood, they are very stable. Anyone who comes is served. Baba was actually saying that each one of us should become moving museums. That means we keep serving. Just looking at us some kind of feelings come in them, experiences come in them. Whatever you are embodiment of at that time, whatever is your awareness, instantly others will have that experience. They will know, People don’t know about purity, but then there is pure and clean energy. It’s very peaceful and also very powerful. Many say, How do you serve through the mind? I say it’s not a separate subject to serve through the mind. Let’s say you are serving with a lot of love for Baba. I am cooking or serving Baba’s Brahma Bhojan, not serving lunch, serving Brahma Bhojan, there is a difference. When the thought is elevated, then others' bhavana towards the food will also be different. That means you are serving through actions. The awareness you have while doing action could be your tapasya. I think we want to do combined tapasya and action. Renunciation is visible when there is no desire. I look at something, it is so beautiful, yes, you can appreciate it, you can admire it, but I don’t want it. So, when you are free from desires, when you are a renunciate, you are not attracted by anything. Any time there is body conscious drishti whether it’s for people, whether it’s for material things, there is not complete renunciation.

It’s so interesting to think about renunciation. Awareness has vibrations, and light, so awareness while doing actions is tapasya. You are getting double. Elevated action will bring the result, but then if you have awareness and action, it is serving in a double way. That’s what is called ‘Mansa seva’ also. I remember one sister used to cook a lot in peace village. She said, “Whenever I cook, I keep remembering Baba, so that whoever eats the food should get more connected to Baba, and should have more Bhavana to serve the Yagya.” She would always have these kinds of thoughts. Concentration is important in whatever you are doing, you want to do it in a perfect way, but there is another level of that perfection, it is from your awareness. Now Baba is saying through this avyakti signals, that we have to use that perfection to serve from that stage of tapasya. That’s where we will become perfect. Someone came to peace village and said that when the sisters were serving, our attention was not on the food but we were looking at them. They were so loving, cheerful, and in silence, the way they were serving. Even here at Harmony House, I remember a few people came, they use to look at the way Bhog is served, and they really appreciated it. We are a hundred plus people, and how quietly everyone gets their Bhog. So it’s an action, but what is impressing them is not the way you do it of course, but the way you are a being. So being and then doing is called being a karma yogi or a tapaswi in action. Baba has given us a new responsibility for creating a new awareness in us, to make our places as temples, as pilgrimage places, sacred spaces, not something ordinary. So this way we glorify Baba and reveal Baba, his virtues, his actions, his tapasya and his renunciation, we follow that.

Om Shanti


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