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Unlimited and Benevolent Attitude #5

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_5 Mohini_Didi May 05, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is ok. When we say, “Baba is with us”, it means we are creating the presence of Baba as Almighty, and that is remembrance or smriti. So, I find that the biggest form of Maya is to make us forget Baba, that means the mind or the intellect is busy or occupied in other things. Let’s say there is a situation, and the mind really gets busy and very occupied in the situation, then the weakness emerges. What will I be able to do when weak thoughts start coming? Let's say you have the sanskar of being fearful, or you have the sanskar of having doubts, or too much thinking? If we have all those sanskars, then what happens? All these kinds of thoughts come in the mind, and when thoughts come in the mind, it’s Maya. Maya is weak thoughts. So, when Maya comes, she makes us forget, or separates us from our companion, Baba. I think it’s really a good point to understand. If I have the company of Almighty Baba, then I am conqueror of Maya. That means my weaknesses will not emerge and I will remain strong. This is a good point to practice. Tomorrow’s Avyakt signal will also take this point to make sure that Almighty Baba is my companion. It’s not only a question of circumstances or situations, Almighty means all powers. So, if my nature is to use the power, then also the Almighty will be with me.

I think the biggest power that Baba mentioned was tolerance. We are tolerant of each other. That means allowing everyone to be different and do whatever their part is, just be tolerant. If you love everyone, you might not need tolerance. You will always be ready for whatever happens, and ready to face the situation, not runaway or be scared. I think as much as we use the powers of the Almighty, then you feel you are master Almighty. Especially during these times, you will really feel that Almighty Baba is with me. Murli is our source, and Baba is my companion. These two mahamantras are very, very important. Then we will not be influenced by any soul. If you listen, you are attracted. So be very attentive. Baba said to have attention and practice. Also, you need to think of the Almighty to go beyond your limits. You need the companion Almighty Baba to help you go beyond limits of everything. Unlimited service is service through the mind of the whole world, because Baba says that you are a world benefactor, and the world is big. How can I be a world benefactor, without being master Almighty? I am master Almighty. The Almighty is my companion. We will go beyond boundaries and limits, but also bring benefit to everyone. We have to say something to someone with love and patience, and something that can help them in their practical life.

Traffic control has helped me so much, not only not to have wasteful thoughts, but my state of mind feels very elevated. We listen to knowledge and from there we take very small practices. Like waking up early in the morning and saying Om Shanti, good morning to God, even children remember to do that. I say ‘good morning’ to Baba in the morning, like you would say good morning to your father or your elders at home. So now, it’s so important to remove our limits. Someone said, “Oh I needed at least seven hours of sleep, but I took Baba’s knowledge and then I started sleeping in time, remembering Baba, and I woke up in the morning naturally at 4 o’clock.” So, he started having trust that I can do it, and before that, he thought it was impossible. Thinking of one's own limit that I cannot wake up, it’s my limit. So, how we see souls, how they do certain things up to a certain point, and then they say, “I cannot do any more.” I have to bring benefit to all, so why do we only think of the world and limited relationships, limited contacts? Keep the world in mind. I have to bring benefit to the whole world. When your vibrations are powerful, they will spread.

You must have heard that the Pandavas and Kaurvas were fighting with bows and arrows. So as much tapasya one has done, that is how much the arrow destroys negativity or the arrow of the enemy. Today, Baba is saying not only do you think about bringing benefit to all, but you have to change one who is negative into positive. At least in your presence or creating a powerful atmosphere, others will not be able to do anything negative or say anything negative. That also means not to think anything negative. That is where power is required. I think one of the important practices is to look at every soul in an elevated way, everyone has some speciality. Even subtle negative thoughts will create distance, and also lack of trust. If I always think positive, there will be more and more trust, trust will grow. Baba always says elevated, unlimited, and benevolent things to us. Anything taught with love to souls will bring maximum benefit. Many sisters came to New York to stay with me in the beginning, and most of them now are senior sisters. They now say, “I used to stay with sister Mohini, so I learned how to cook so many things.” They learned not only knowledge, but cooking by observing me. In life, we learn by doing. A lot of people learn how to use the money of Yagya properly, and how to do charity with this money. I plan things in a way that everyone gets a drop of what we have. I always think of how and what to give, how to use it in an unlimited and worthwhile way. Tomorrow’s homework is to make the Almighty your companion and become conqueror of Maya. Don’t allow any weakness of your sanskars to emerge, but instantly emerge one of the powers to face it, use it in whatever way necessary. So, whatever you touch, whatever you churn, you will find it very useful.

Om Shanti

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