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Unity #15

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_15 Mohini_Didi May 15th, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

The revision of Avyakt murlis on Sundays had been very powerful and practical. Baba explains to us in this Sunday’s murli how important it is to know Maya, because the way it attacks is very unique. If you recognize Maya, then there is influence, especially on our reasoning. One makes a mistake, there is reasoning to prove that it's not a mistake. Every day we listen to a little bit of Sunday’ murli. The first part of the murli explains that yoga is actually where you are in harmony, experiencing Baba’s presence, taking power from Baba. Sometimes because you're not able to experience it, there is battling. Baba is saying the main attainment is to be merged in Baba’s love. That stage of being merged will not allow Maya to have any influence on me. Baba tells us the method with very simple words, “I belong to Baba”. As soon as Baba says it, just practice it. The practice is so simple. Let's take this as homework. Many times today I use these thoughts, creating the awareness “I belong to Baba”. When you say it, then your stage will be merged in Baba love. When you are merged, then nothing can influence you.

These days there are so many influences, people's ideas, opinions, explanations and sometimes their beliefs. I always remind myself, this is my spiritual journey, my spiritual birth, it was from Baba’s knowledge. I have to keep that in mind, I always remind myself of my childhood days. Even on a journey, we have many co-travelers, everyone has their own story. Whether it is karmic accounts or service. Each one of us has our own specialties. I learned from Dadi Janki, you should be very friendly, very loving, close in relationships but not under influence. Dadi Janki would keep us very close, friendly, but never wait for anyone. On a journey you continue, keep your speed. Sometimes we think people are not able to follow or not able to do so much, so let me also slow down. I'm not supposed to do that. That is why merging in Baba’s love, belonging to Baba, creates that stage where our remembrance is becoming more and more natural.

Baba wants us to have unlimited drishti, unlimited attitude so that we create the atmosphere of unity. A dispute of any kind is coming from either arrogance or some kind of insecurity. We should have different sanskars. If everyone had the same features, same everything, how can it be a drama? Everyone is playing their part, so they have to be different. There has to be different roles, different parts. Baba has given us all these points of knowledge about playing your part. You have your own specialty. Have the self respect of what I am. I don't have to be like anyone. We are different, not comparing but complementing, knowing each other's specialties and also limits. I'm not using the word weakness because sometimes you have certain limits. We understand each other's limits and we play our part, then there is no reason to dispute or be in conflict. Baba used to teach us that if someone is getting angry, move away. If you think you have to defend, then there is quarrel, there is anger and an argument. Sensible people don't argue. It is true because it's not fun, even if I prove that you are wrong or I am right. Baba is giving us homework that our attitude and our drishti should be unlimited. When drishti and attitude is unlimited then there can be unity. All the Brahmins should have an unlimited attitude. If we all have unlimited distaste, Baba says our kingdom is right here.

We all believe in the future, but we have to live in the present. We always talk about the golden age, kingdom of God and divine family. If you are not experiencing all that here, forget it, there's nothing in future. Whatever we are creating here is what we will experience. You will be as happy as you are here. That’s what Baba meant that if you have an unlimited attitude, if you have those qualities in you now, then you are creating your kingdom. When is the golden age coming? It could be a golden age right here. Sometimes you feel how fortunate you are. You are in super sensuous joy, you work together and a big task is done with unity. In the golden age Baba says, every afternoon you all will meet and do different things. We will meet in the evening for some kind of wise sharing, good experiences, something cultural. Whenever Baba says the kingdom is right here, that means it can be a golden age. We have to believe that it could happen, it’s what Baba says. Attitude creates atmosphere and whatever atmosphere you create, it will happen in practical. Internally my attitude, my nature whether it is gentle, sweet or humble, just be an instrument. Baba always teaches us to have an attitude of being a trustee. In the golden age Lakshmi and Narayan will rule as trustees. They don't have the arrogance, we are emperors. Lakshmi doesn’t think she is higher than everyone, which she is, but the subjects will be like children to them. That's what we experience from Dadis, sustenance, care, protection and love.

Everything at confluence age, whether it is awareness, attitude or action of any kind creates sanskars. Sanskars manifest, create a reality. That is why Baba draws our attention, if you have any weakness, you will be deceived at the right time. This inculcation of becoming embodiment at confluence age is what reality is. When I am thinking about our homework of creating that kingdom of unlimited and unity, these sanskars of practical life of today are our future. It is very natural, beautiful and very inspiring.

Don’t play any games now of forgetting and remembering. We are in remembrance of Baba, even just to think, what did Baba say today? You thought of Baba. Baba is a point of light. I am a point of light. What is within this point? What is the part within this point? What are the specialties of this point? How much is the light of this point? Reflection on all these is remembrance. Didi Manmohini used to tell us just to think of Baba’s murli and just say, “Baba told us” is remembrance. We are sitting in the bodiless stage, but the whole day we had to be in soul conscious stage, talking of Father, Teacher, Satguru, Friend, Guide or Companion, any relationship there will be natural remembrance of Baba. Homework definitely helps us because during the day we remember what our homework is. We get points from Madhuban which are very helpful. Doing the same homework for one month of elevated thoughts in the mind, creating unlimited distaste and serving through that. These are very good points to practice.

Om Shanti

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