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Truth is non-violentBy being truthful,I become full of truth #1

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_1 Mohini Didi June 1, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Everyone is okay? Are you already experiencing heaven within yourself? I know it's going to be a journey full of adventures, experiments, and new experiences. We are ready for that because we had been experiencing at the Confluence Age the contrast of what we had, what we were before Baba came into our lives, and then after. There was so much hellish sanskars, habits, everything, conflict in relationships, when we came to Baba. Then a lot of changes happened within us. There's purity, there is love, there is peace, and we have been accumulating these virtues and powers for quite a long time. Now, we are creating that experience about heaven within the self, and it was beautiful homework for today, “naturally to give and to rule”. So, the whole day I really had a good, natural time with anything I looked at, because there are two types of nature: one nature is the elements, and one nature is human nature. Actually, human nature is called “swabhaav”, that means there are my feelings, and based on the feelings is one's nature, or sansakars emerge. Like you feel something about someone, then those sanskars emerge. If my nature-swabhaav is that I just share, in other words, when I am giving, I have everyone in discipline. A rule could be a discipline, whether it is my body, whether it is my mind, everything is in divine Godly discipline.

I had a lot of comparisons with the five elements of nature, and then this eternal quality, innate quality within nature, whether it is soul or five elements, is to give. Receiving is normal. Like a tree will receive from the roots, will receive from the sunlight, will receive from the breeze, sunlight, everything, but how much does a tree give? Abundance. A tree gives fruits, shade, flowers, and purification of air, so much oxygen. So, nature gives, elements give. We also have this nature to give because of service, Godly service. I think every Baba’s child likes to serve, and that brings a lot of joy and happiness. So, we are recognizing this nature of the self, of giving, and to be orderly and disciplined. If we really connect with the self, these two are very natural qualities. Sometimes we don't look at our speciality, but we always feel a lot of joy when it comes to sharing, when helping someone.

Baba was saying that if there is a king, then his child, his son, will be the prince, a born prince. So, if I am God's child, one of the most important inheritance is that “my eternal qualities are like Baba”. Baba gives, likes to give, and we like to give. Brahma Kumaris worldwide are known for giving. They always like to share, they always like to give. So, we have that quality, but we have to imbibe or pay attention to another beautiful quality that we will be practicing tomorrow; ‘truth’. Baba always talks about being truthful to Baba. Dadi Janki left three words with us and the first was ‘honesty, the truth’. So, knowing one's own self as a soul, as immortal, as God's child, we become an image of that truth. In soul consciousness, I think there is truth. It's only when there is body consciousness, because of fear, because of ego, because of many circumstances, we move away from the truth. Truth makes us completely non-violent. This is a point to reflect on; what is the connection between truth and non-violence? Also, as much as I imbibe the truth, I become full of truth, a truthful person, and I think it's very comforting when there is truth. Even if there is something adulterated, or false, or lies, deeply within there is discomfort, some fear, but when there is truth, there is stability, and we feel really good. So, in belonging to Baba and becoming a true child of Baba, truth can be expressed in many different ways, such as honesty. So, I remain honest and truthful with Baba.

There is a very interesting story that is used on full moon day. Baba does mention about ‘Satnarayan katha’, that means the story that was told, and by listening to that story, you become Narayan or deity. In that story, they say that this man had come from a business and had come back in a boat with a lot of stuff, a lot of goods. So, God came in a very ordinary form as an old man and said, “What is in your boat?” He said, “Nothing”, and he raised his hand and said, “Yes, there is nothing”, and his boat got empty. There was nothing, because he said there is nothing. So, I always remember that story and say, “What should I tell God? I have everything.” I have a lot, as much as you emerge the sanskar of abundance. In the Yagya, there was a little money, just enough to buy flour, but Baba never said that there is nothing. Baba’s new bhandara will be full, this is a temporary test. So, all the time, we can have this whole feeling of just being honest with Baba, truthful with Baba, and let Baba fill our bhandara. Golden age is the age of abundance, but we can experience this in the Confluence age also.

So, becoming complete truth is what we will take from Baba, and practice in our life. I can say one hundred percent with my experience, that just being truthful is where your Golden Aged abundance can be experienced at the Confluence Age, that is when you can also constantly give.

Om Shanti


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