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Trustees #9

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_9       Mohini_Didi               March 9, 2024

Om Shanti!

We have to ask ourselves, are we trustees? If you want to be a carefree king, you have to be a trustee. Shiv Baba through Brahma Baba created a trust, all the Dadis, eight of them, six and two brothers formed a trust and gave all his wealth, everything in that trust. The money, whatever houses were given in the trust, were to be used for service, for establishment of the Golden Aged world. So, the trustee has to remember that I have to use it for a particular purpose. Trustees especially are observed by the board which they form, and even the government. A trustee doesn’t use the money for their personal needs or for their lokik family. A lot of attention is paid there, because whether I am one family or there are families together who have formed that trust, they always want to see that it is used for that purpose. Like our US Constitution, we have provisions for giving to charity, to education, or to health. A trustee is carefree because a trustee does not do what just comes in the mind to do. A trustee will not look at following the mind, but will follow Father. A trustee has his own responsibility. So, today Baba is saying that those who live as trustees are always carefree. They are carefree emperors, that is, they are free from anybody, and they have spiritual intoxication, that is, they are master almighty authorities. No matter what the circumstances are, they will always remain light, always be detached and light. They will not be influenced by the atmosphere, even slightly. People’s opinions sometimes influence us. Like even I keep saying that this is for Baba, the body is for Baba’s service. So, our thoughts, our time, our money, nothing can be used without a purpose, right? So, always remember that I’m a trustee, everything belongs to God, and I have to follow Shrimat. 

Om Shanti


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