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Trustee aur Sakshi #17

Honest_Heart_17 Mohini_Didi December 17, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

It is interesting to see so many of Baba’s children around having different equipment. Everyday something different, something new. Baba says, “I have one too but it is wireless, not only can I hear, but I can see everyone's face.” You know, since childhood I always felt that God is looking at me and I never like looking at people, their face, their mood, especially their faces. Sometimes at the table something comes up, let’s say you don't eat eggplant and they bring eggplant, so you make a face. Dadi Janki said, “You can never make a face with the food, because it is not pleasant.” Since childhood, I felt as if Baba was always looking at me, so I have to be happy, I have to be smiling, so that He can bless me. If you're not happy, then He has to make you happy, then all the time seeing that you are ok. If I say no, Baba, I am your child, I will always be ok. So, what will Baba say? Bless you. It is not only our thoughts that are heard by God, but Baba is saying today, that He can see your face. So, how many of you are determined to always keep your face cheerful? Yes. Can I see hands? Everyone. Everyone, not only those who are sitting here. What about you all? You know the way Baba explains everything, makes it easy, simple. We have to look at our efforts, the quality of our efforts.

Baba is saying that this is the game of love and labor. When you start finding that you are laboring for anything, there will always be reasons, your circumstances, maybe your surroundings, maybe your companions, and even service. If you feel you are laboring that means that love is lost. Both have results, love has its own result, and labor also has results. When there is love, I always find help from Baba, and cooperation from everyone will come with love. When you are laboring mentally, physically, then the energy is such that other souls will cooperate, might not even be companions. So, always remember I have to do everything in love for Baba, love for my fortune. At least with me, I cannot do laboring. I always thought to be loving, for love is really a great power ,this is what Baba is saying in the Murli. Sometimes love gets lost because the intellect gets so full with many things. As per the Avyakti signal today, let us all decide to be Baba’s companion. Even here, I find that there are some souls, they are like your companions. Whatever circumstances come, whatever difficulties come, whatever are the needs, they always come. Baba said that companions will definitely have the quality of being a trustee. If you are a companion and you are needed at that time and you say you are busy, I cannot come, I cannot do. A true companion will say, I can come, I am available.

First, I am a companion of God for any purpose for any service of the Yagya. Dadi Janki has written a book “Companion of God”, she mentions that as companions, we listen to the call of God. What is in my mind, whatever time I have,whatever I can do, I will do. There are many around here. They are all different kinds, but there are only some who are companions. So when you are God’s companion, you know what companionship is. I remember I had cataract eye surgery. They said that by midnight if you get a lot of pain, you can call an emergency and we will open a clinic for you and treat you. At 12:00 o’clock I really started getting a lot of pain, that means pressure is going up, so I called one of the brothers who lives around and I said I think I need to go to the clinic, he said okay. I think it was a little cold, he wore a coat and he came, that means you can rely. That was the moment he was needed and he didn’t say he was busy. So, even within our Yagya, for Baba’s task, we need true companions at the right time, they just come and help. They don’t have their own manmat of what Baba needs them. Even if they are very busy with something, they will say this is more important.

Trusteeship and being a detached observer are two very important qualities for every soul. Every soul has their part to play, has good wishes and blessings, but if you are not a detached observer, our intellect will keep pulling. In Murli this morning the definition of introversion was very good. The first part is soul consciousness, but the other part is that when we talk about something that is external when that pulls the intellect you become extroverted. I really underline that point that what makes us extrovered is when intellect is pulled towards a situation, or a person, a person's sanskar, or their part. So if I have to be introverted then everything that I hear, what I read and everything should take me to soul consciousness. That means you have to be a detached observer. Baba listened to the news for 10 minutes at night just to get an idea of what is happening in the world. In the month of January, I think we can really look into where my intellect is being pulled, even as Baba is saying whatever the situations are, they will reach to extremes now. So you have to remain shakti, you have to remain a detached observer, you have to remain a trustee. Baba said that you are carefree kings, and that is quite a big stage. Practice not to have concern, not to have worry. You say something, you hear something, then within a few seconds you can be detached from it, that means you have not absorbed it. Seeing things, listening to things, and not getting affected or retained in memory, is really a good stage.

Baba's signals are very beautiful for today, Avyakt signals which we all have to practice. Baba says not only to have this stage, but remain honest with Baba and have an honest heart, not a lazy heart or careless heart. Such souls will always be sustained by the Yagya, that means wherever you are, you will get daal roti. Sometimes you don't like anything but you like daal roti. Be simple and that is why in our routine we like variety, sometimes we like very simple food. Honesty in your work, that means you serve the yagya. Baba said you come to the center but you don't want to work and you say I am very tired. At Baba's home or wherever you are staying and you expect to be fed, that won't go on for long. You have to work, that honesty is very important. Baba gives you responsibility and enables you to become self sovereign through all these experiences in practical life. Somewhere Baba will arrange for you everything that is required. So, that's why we have to be honest with Baba, honest in our actions, using our time, our thoughts, our words, our bodies in service for karma yoga, all that is creating our fortune. Baba takes responsibility, that is a guarantee, so have determined thoughts to be companions of God.

Om Shanti


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