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Transform the Sanskars of Being Attracted to the Body #1

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_1 Mohini_Didi November 1, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Baba says so little but so much. A good intellect, Baba says a golden vessel, is required to hold all that Baba speaks, razukta, raz is significance. Sometimes they use the translation 'secret' but actually it's more. What’s the importance, what's the significance? At least for me, I still relate to this that if I understand the significance of everything, whatever may be raz, then internally, you will never be upset or disheartened with yourself. That means everything now begins with the self, and then either you say something, or your attitude or something will upset others. Razi means there will be lack of contentment in the self, and others will also not be content. So, we have to practice tomorrow to see what is the significance and also from yesterday’s homework; there are two ways, one is to transform from negative to positive, and the other is to cultivate it. In English we say it is nature. In Hindi, we call it ‘swabhav’, and it is like when your feelings, your bhavna is of love, of respect. When there is a lot of love in your bhavna towards others, at least even for your own self, then the thoughts which you will have swabhav means swa ki bhavna. That means you will create some feelings, pure feelings. Then the thoughts that you are having are coming from what you could call self-respect, or my eternal stage of love.

It's like a new sanskar, new, different sanskars will emerge. At this time, we are transforming sanskars, but also we are creating new sanskars. As much I immediately first transform the thought, then it will be attitude or the way I speak, some transformation at that level. Then this will bring transformation into sanskars also, because sanskars are created by some kind of actions. Then those sanskars emerge as our nature or our thoughts. So, it’s very subtle actually. It looks like I changed my nature and I changed my sanskars, but it is good to understand from where, what is emerging in me, and my nature. Swabhav is from my feelings. So, don’t quickly allow your feelings to be affected by old sanskars. Pay attention at the Confluence Age, especially this last part of Confluence Age, to create the sanskars, Baba calls them divine sanskars, pure sanskars of the Golden Age. So it is my swabhav, my pure feelings, and those pure feelings will help me that whatever I say, whatever I do has the power of purity. The sanskars that I am creating are pure and divine. So I think, if we concentrate more on creating, and as I create, the transformation is happening. I always say, “Why always only negative to positive? Why not we have knowledge now so with the knowledge, as much as I use knowledge, I create new sanskars and that becomes nature then?” You could connect it with Baba’s versions also of razyukt and internally have contentment, don’t get upset with yourself first. Somewhere I am upset with myself, and then whatever I do could upset others also.

So, I make efforts in a very positive way, based on knowledge. First I have negative thoughts, and then I transform, but why don’t I create positive thoughts, elevated thoughts, thoughts of everyone’s well being, thoughts of bestower. Any quality, and then those thoughts will become actions and they become sanskars. Then from sanskars, again the feelings or swabhav will emerge, nature will emerge. It’s really like a cycle. So, I think that we have to understand it, and then tomorrow’s homework is not looking at the body, but looking at Baba says ‘charitra’. Charitra could mean ‘character’ but it is also like someone’s part, so the characteristics of that character. Someone said to me yesterday that sometimes we don’t notice the speciality of the souls, but if we notice specialities of the soul, it is good for me and good for that soul also. Not that we unconsciously also look at the activity of the body, face of the body, but Baba says that we need to look at the one who doesn’t have a picture. So, Baba is using the word ‘vichitra’, unique, point of light, soul, and then looking at the characteristics of that soul. So, I think what we are looking at is not normal actions and conversation, but we look at everyone as a soul who doesn’t have a picture, and also then looking at the characteristics. Every soul has some very special qualities, and their character is based on that. So, if I hold that kind of vision, I am transforming my way of thinking, my nature, my sanskars, everything. Baba is giving us a yukti everyday. So if you practice that, then transformation is happening and I am sure that in one month we will feel a lot changed in the way we see, think and our attitude, everything. We start seeing the raz, the significance.

So, for tomorrow we actually have double homework. One is what Baba said, that I am seeing the significance of everything, every scene of the Drama. The other is to inculcate this nature of looking at the soul and the special characteristics of that soul.

Om Shanti


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