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The Way To Attain Blessings #7

Construct_the_New_World_7 Mohini Didi July 7, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

If you think of your school days, college days, how many of you were good at doing your homework? It’s only when we listen, want to practice and make it as part of our attainment, that we go deeper. Not only deeper, but to start feeling that Baba is making effort on us. By giving us homework, He is making us worthy, real gold, diamond. You really feel He is removing whatever is negative, whatever is not good, but also then helping us to imbibe, to inculcate and to become. Then in our hearts our love for Baba increases. When love increases, then remembrance of Baba is deeply natural. Every moment I say how much Baba really wants to make us, you could feel that. Then comes deep love and appreciation for Baba. Baba is making me this.

Baba said today the confluence age is the age of success. It is also the time of the iron age, kalyug. Everything is going down, whether it’s character, whether it’s life, but at confluence age we are all ascending. Always remind yourself. The last five days on Avyakti Pariwar there were about 60 children. Most of them had been in Avyakti Parivar for three years so they know their guardian angels or teachers. One little one will always say, “it’s confluence age it’s confluence”. While walking around she will remind everyone. I don’t know if she understands what the confluence age is, but at least she keeps saying it. Sometimes in our intellect we know it’s confluence age, but we are not necessarily using that time of confluence age, where God Himself is our Teacher, our Satguru, our Guide and sustaining us.

Yesterday Baba said in the bhog message that there are three types of sustenance. One is of love, another is knowledge, and the third is of blessings. Baba is sustaining us with His love and His love is like lokik parents. Their love is, they start thinking which school, where the child should go, which university. Baba is our Supreme Parent. As our Supreme Parent, He created a university for us. These days we call them centers and ashrams, but in the beginning when I came in knowledge, it was a Godly University. It is for the whole world. Four generations used to study in the same morning class. Grand parents, parents, all generations listening to the same class. There were deep feelings of Baba as Teacher.

Baba is telling us for this month to have a cool and calm nature “nirmal” and be humble “namrata”. Then be constructive, that is”nirman”. Nirmal, nirman, and namrata. We have been getting those Avyakti signals from Madhuban. For tomorrow our homework is Baba giving a special shrimat to all the children, be humble while speaking. Humility is greatness. These days authority is power, but that’s temporary greatness. True greatness is humility. When you are humble it doesn’t mean you are subservient to someone or you bow to someone. Baba says that others will bow and respect you. When you are humble, you will also get blessings from others. This is humility of self-respect. A true server will not have any ego of the success of his service. We are successful in Baba’s service right? Baba’s idea, Baba made me do it, not I. Actually, the more success you get, you become more humble. You should also have a very cool and calm nature and constantly be constructive.

Today Baba is saying more about the words of Brahma Baba and Mamma. Mamma was so respectful and so humble. In Hindi we have a saying, just like you say, “yes please, yes sir”, in Hindi we say ‘ji Haan” Haan ji”. That was Mama's way of replying to Baba, “ji Baba”. One of the steps to follow Brahma Baba was obedience, to say yes. We are in a big gathering. We have a good chance to have this etiquette, attitude of humility and appreciation of everyone’s greatness.

Om Shanti

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