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The viman of your divine intellect #25

Stay_in_AvyaktSilence25              Mohini Didi                  January 25, 2024   

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone. It’s a day when our intellect is constantly pulled towards the subtle regions. Is it Baba who pulls the intellect, or is it because of our love for Baba. I really liked one or two days ago when Baba said that children are asking, “Baba, what do you do in the subtle regions? Baba said, “I don’t like to be alone without the children, so I also keep the children in subtle regions.” We also do feel that our intellect is pulled more and more to the subtle regions. Now is the time we all are thinking about Madhuban. So, where is the intellect pulled? To Madhuban. So, it is the same in the subtle regions. Baba wants us to remain full and protected, and He is giving the example of a viman of divine intellect. You have to keep petrol of directions or shrimat, because if you want to fly continuously, these days everyone looks for non-stop flights. I remember there was a time we used to go to London, come off the plane then go through security, come back in the plane and everyone was like, “Why is this necessary?” There was a time when they thought about how much petrol they could carry. I remember I took one flight from here to Malaysia or Fiji and then to Australia from Fiji. First time it was like 14-15 hours to South Africa, and it felt too long. They were kind of experimenting how much they can fly non-stop. Npw, we go to India non-stop to Delhi. So, we also have to see if we have the petrol of shrimat so we can really fly non-stop, whether it is to the subtle region or home or to give light and might, sakaash. The intellect has to remain divine because our intellect sometimes becomes really ordinary. Then our reasoning is common like the world now. We start thinking about situations, circumstances, everything from  an ordinary intellect, so then we can’t fly. If we use a divine intellect and see everything from that perspective, then we will keep flying. 

So, tomorrow’s homework is very interesting. It says now be double light and be stable, not up and down, sometimes high sometimes low, in a stage of a high place. So, how do you reach there? With the viman of divine intellect. What do you do there? Spread the waves of cooperation, of good wishes, pure feelings and light and might over all the souls of the world. Baba said to let there be the refined elevated directions of BapDada in this viman. Let there not be the slightest rubbish of the dictates of your own mind or dictates of others. One person, Baba’s child, had a big house and she was alone, and she said, “Why do I need this? Let me sell it.” So, she sold it for a good price. She was in another state, so I happened to visit her. She consulted her accountant on how to use that money, working with a tax lawyer. She asked me what I thought. I said that if I were you, this is how I would do it. So, it was a contrast because of what they think with a  lokik intellect. It is different from what a divine intellect would think. Even if it is long term or something, how best to use it in a worthwhile way where you can save, where you can spend, where you can do Baba’s task, everything. So, tomorrow we will look and see if we can keep attention and not get influenced by dictates of your mind or of others, but constantly fly with the petrol of shrimat, elevated directions. 

Om Shanti


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