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The Unlimited Attitude of disinterest #17

Volcanic_Yoga_17 Mohini Didi Aug 17, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar to everyone. Everyone is well? Everyone is okay? Took a lot of blessings from Satguru Baba? Baba is making the point that the personality of spirituality should become your awareness. You should be the embodiment of the awareness of your own spiritual personality. How do I know that? If I have everything in my personality, if you have all attainments, your attention will never go to what others are doing. For example, this one has this, maybe I should have that also. That means you are lacking something. Some of the attainments are lacking. If you have a spiritual personality, then your attention will not go anywhere, nor would there be any subtle desires that maybe I should also have this. Let’s say someone has a very good way to give lectures, so you will say,” I wish I could do that”. So check to see if in a subtle way you are attracted to some other personalities. Whenever I am in my spiritual personality, I feel full of attainments, so I don’t have any subtle desire. So, we can observe, then check and change. I do remember that there are many who would say, “I wish I could be like this one or I could be that one”. Actually you cannot really be like others, you can only be you. What you can do is to be complete with all attainments. Keep increasing your attainments and be complete. So, is everyone satisfied with their personality? Can you make it better? So, take that blessing from Baba.

I was looking at the homework that we are getting for tomorrow. I see it as another piece of wood in the fire of yoga, so that the flame can remain not only ignited but can increase. Someone was sharing how this month's volcanic yoga is very clear and helping us. We feel very light and good because we know what to do. Before we kept saying, “Let’s have volcanic yoga”, but now, we know so many. It's like a bonfire. So, today’s is that unlimited attitude of disinterest. What do we want? Anything else? So, look at your own self, that you feel completely full. What is powerful yoga? The power of love. When there is love, then only that person or that object is in front of you, nothing else. So, Baba is calling it fire of love and volcanic remembrance. Why do we need to ignite this fire? To finish the fire of corruption. At every step, you have to be careful, there could be another fraud and also, so much violence. So, you could protect those souls and give cooperation to all souls. So, every time, whatever each one of us is doing, we are serving. In the world now there is a lot of fire. After Covid, everyone keeps saying that people are not the same, it's not the same world, nothing is the same. Baba is saying that when your fire is powerful, yoga is powerful, then it can burn or destroy other things of the world. Only through this unlimited attitude of disinterest ignites the fire. There are only two ways, one is that I am full, so I don’t need anything, and the other is when there is a lot of suffering, that I don’t need anything. There are two types of disinterest. On one hand, the fire of remembrance will finish that fire of worry, and on other hand, it will give souls God’s message.

Whenever we were traveling, at the airport, the officers would ask, “What religion are you?”, we would say, “No, it's not a religion, we do meditation”. Then they would say, “Oh, I really need meditation.” So, everyone somewhere is feeling the need to be in peace and to do meditation. Baba is saying that it will give souls God’s message and also the experience of coolness. It is with this that souls will become free from the fire of confusion. These things are not visible, how this fire works, how this coolness works, but it does work, and not only one soul, but all Baba’s unlimited children. The fire of coolness will destroy worry and confusion, and coolness will also inspire others. They would ask, “How can you always stay calm? How can you be that cool?” So, these are practical examples. If each one of us pays attention, then everything will work very well. If there is coolness externally, but internally there is subtle fear, those vibrations make souls uneasy and then they take wrong actions, they say wrong things. If we stay calm and have the powerful fire of yoga, then either it could destroy negativity or help other souls to get God’s message. I think everyday we do witness all this and now we will do it more and more so that Baba’s task of creation will be created. I find it a very interesting topic, the fire of yoga and also the coolness of nature.

Om Shanti


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