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The subtle power of elevated thoughts #04

Embodiment_of_Success_4 Mohini_Didi October 4, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay? Good. It is at the Confluence Age when we are instruments for Baba’s task. We need all these subtle powers, not just for the self, but for those who are around us, for world transformation, for everywhere. You know we have to pay attention, and it’s necessary that we accumulate these subtle powers. I also liked when Baba said, ‘subtle power of love’. Anyone using that power of love can do a lot of tasks. Not only that, but Baba said that one of the important things that we will need to share a lot will be the power of courage. When anyone loses courage, loses hope, loses enthusiasm, then nothing is left in Brahmin life. So, for us to go along together further, higher, what is required? Subtle power. Always remember that if we are 8, 10, 20 we all need to be together, and also we need to move forward. So, subtle powers are required. I think that all of us decided to renounce, to do tapasya and be an instrument of Baba, because of Baba’s love. I don’t think we would have surrendered if there was no love. Even now when we feel love for Baba, it is very easy to accumulate that power, and then use the power of love, power of elevated thoughts. There are so many powers. So let’s see what Baba is speaking about, the power of elevated thoughts. Nowadays, solar power is accumulated to do many useful things. In the same way, if you have elevated thought power, Baba says you can empower others also, Many tasks can be accomplished successfully, You have to give courage to those who are without courage. Courage can be given through words but not forever, not for a long time.

So Baba says that along with words, the subtle power of elevated thoughts will do a lot more. Baba says that this is what is needed at the present time. So we’ll reflect on that. What are elevated thoughts? They are thoughts of good wishes, they are thoughts of blessings. Even sometimes going deeper into knowledge or even praising Baba is elevated thoughts. Baba, you are the Purifier. Baba, you are the One who protects us. Baba, you are the Liberator. Now actually yes, we know what elevated thoughts are, but we need to have elevated thoughts all the time. Even during the day, a few times, a few moments, if there’s lack of elevated thoughts, you feel very low energy, or you will find the task is very difficult, it’s too much. Courage can be lost, enthusiasm can be lost. So, we need to maintain it forever. Brahma Baba had so many adverse situations. Compared to Baba, we have nothing, but he maintained his courage until the last moment. We also have to look at Baba as an example, he’s so good. So, I think that accumulating the subtle power of elevated thoughts is something very beautiful.

Om Shanti

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