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The stage of “manmanabhav” #10

Liberation_in_Life_10                       Mohini_Didi                 December 10, 2023

Om Shanti! 

Everyone is okay? Well? If there’s a thought to be in a good stage, happy, be at service of Baba, be a cooperative soul, when we have elevated thoughts like these for the self then we’re okay, we feel happy. There’s always so much to do. Whether it is mansa seva or seva through any other way, it is unlimited. Baba says that you all have to serve the whole world, and that’s what we are doing. For that, we are looking for different ways we can adopt, and it is also very important to maintain a good stage, but also a stage where there’s remembrance of Baba. That is called ’Manmanabhav’. We get busy in service or whatever we have to do, and while doing all that, keep the aim that there has to be remembrance of Baba. So, always remain stable in the stage of Manmanabhav and experience spiritual supersensuous joy and the sweetness of the mind. You will become free from the sweetness of the senses, that is, free from the attraction of perishable sweetness. The mind always has to have some experience of joy, happiness, peace, love. It can't be empty, but then if there is always a pull. Like if you like something to eat, you will feel it's good, it's tasty, but how long and how many times? Many kinds of addictions start happening because of the organs being pulled to taste something, to experience something, even if it's momentary. So before we go into something that is negative, temporary and constantly pulls the mind and the senses, we can fill our mind with supersensuous joy from the stage of being in remembrance of Baba, in love of Baba. That is why it is very important to include Baba’s remembrance in our stage. I should really be constantly remembering, so that there is the sweetness of the mind, and mind can experience Baba. There are many experiences; love from Baba, joy from Baba, success, happiness. Everything in life we can experience from Baba, Baba in all relationships. So experiencing the sweetness of mind, supersensuous joy will help us, not to be pulled by other senses. So we will work on ourselves, share with others, and sustain ourselves.

Om Shanti 

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