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The Stage of A Master Almighty Authority #1

Volcanic_Yoga_1 Mohini_Didi August 1, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone ok? Did you all practice the stage of lighthouse and mighthouse? A few times a day, our attention goes towards creating that stage. Baba said that we should have no waste thoughts. Even today, Baba said the account of waste thought is bigger than of elevated thoughts. So, one is not to have waste thoughts, the other is to have elevated thoughts. With elevated thoughts, our own inner strength, our inner ability and inner feelings will also be very strong and powerful. We also have to practice how to have elevated thoughts. I think it could be like good wishes for everyone, and always be benevolent, kind, merciful, and that’s where elevated thoughts will come. So there are two things, one is not to have wasteful thoughts, but the other is to have elevated thoughts. That’s what is going in the account. The more we have elevated thoughts, the more our account will increase. At the Confluence Age, our stage, and then the future, depends on the account of elevated thoughts. So Baba is making it more and more clear the stage of lighthouse and mighthouse. One of the methods, Baba is saying, is to constantly have the awareness that I am Master Almighty. It’s very interesting that since I have heard, and I am thinking, it’s really elevated thoughts for the self. Elevated thoughts are not only for others. First you have to have elevated thoughts for your own self. The thought, ‘I am master Almighty’ is the elevated thought for the self. If I have elevated thoughts for myself, then automatically, naturally, I will have elevated thoughts for others, because there is no other thought.

So it seems to be very beneficial, especially for this month of August, we look at our purity, our love, our connections, and relationships with everyone. Everything really begins with the thought. After thoughts, then there are words, then there are actions. So that means there are souls, Baba says they are wandering, they need direction. So, if we are in that stage, then others will get those directions. Their power to discern, power to do right things will definitely increase. So see the benefit, like Baba always says, when you have ascending degrees, everyone benefits. So, when I have elevated thoughts for myself, it’s not only positive, it’s elevated, then automatically the power to guide others like a lighthouse increases. Actually, what you see is just a lighthouse. Why is it a mighthouse? There are so many very high tides, waves come and hit the lighthouse, but it never shakes, it is very stable. Not only that, but the search light continuously keeps circling, keeps moving, and never stops. So, it is very subtle that my light should not reduce. It should constantly be there. So, it is light and might, and we will use this formula, this method, that I am Master Almighty. These days Baba doesn’t want us to be just satisfied with ordinary effort. Baba wants us to have elevated, high quality efforts.

Baba is saying that you are servers, you are loving, and you have One strength and One support. I think we all in our lives have come across certain moments where we just use One strength and One support, and Baba definitely makes Himself present. Baba says that all that is fine, but the stage of a Master Almighty Authority means the stage of lighthouse and mighthouse. Baba is showing the connection of having the awareness of Master Almighty and lighthouse and mighthouse. So, now come on to the stage. Most of us are now still behind the curtain, getting ready to come on the stage. Let your remembrance be volcanic and everyone will come to circle around you like moths. There are different ways to do service; to distribute flyers, to go and meet people, different programs, but for them to stay around, you have to be a lighthouse mighthouse. That’s what we want, that the souls can stay around and be sustained constantly. So tomorrow, for our homework, we will experiment with the stage of being lighthouse and mighthouse, and feel the power. Baba asked us to be a lighthouse mighthouse. There must be some reason, some significance of being lighthouse and mighthouse, because for service, that’s the stage we need. So we will churn and reflect on that and follow Brahma Baba, because he was like a lighthouse and mighthouse. His drishti, his words, the way he walked, his whole personality was Master Almighty, lighthouse and mighthouse.

Om Shanti


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