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The Sparkle of Spirituality #16

Construct_the_New_World_16 Mohini_Didi July 16, 2023

Om Shanti!

We had a wonderful experience of world meditation hour. We are all sustained by the five elements, by nature. So to serve nature, we all are sustained by God as parents, giving us knowledge, giving us powers, but also we are being sustained by the five elements. Not only the beauty, unlimited different forms of nature, but without nature, we would not have food to eat, flowers, fruits, everything, grains, vegetables. So one is sustenance through air and water. You know all the five elements air, water, heat, sky, earth, but then what is created by them? All elements together create what the body needs for sustenance. So today we were seeing and or healing and purifying. It is healing because many times whatever we do could also hurt nature. We create pollution through all the vehicles, all different kinds of gases, a lot of pollution in nature. So that's why we use the word healing because we hurt them. Sometimes you look at the sky, so natural and blue, and in some places you can't even see blue sky, it's all pollution. Could be the same with water, air. Look at the falls, look at the streams. The water is so clean, it’s coming from rain from mountains, falling so white, but there is pollution of different kinds. That's why we have to serve nature, heal nature, and purify nature. So I thought it was very beautiful, not only healing the people who are suffering or have fear, but also because so many people are affected by floods and drought. They are hurt by their own habits, so we have to heal them. So healing souls and healing nature is very important.

Baba also reminded us when we came to Baba we were asked, “Would you like to be Lakshmi Narayan? Were you Lakshmi Narayan?” Did you believe, begin your journey as Lakshmi Narayan or were you given the aim of Vishnu? All those have four symbols in the hands, four arms, and that we know is purity of thoughts, purity of words, purity of action, and the power of purity. Then that is the aim to achieve. The aim is to have Swadarshan chakra - purity of mind, conch as purity of words, lotus as purity of actions, and then there is a mace. The mace is a sign of power and victory. If we are able to have that aim accomplished, then we get two crowns. One is the crown of light and the other is the crown, which is the crown of self sovereignty. Now when it comes to the crown of light, Baba said, “Dharam-satta”. That means truth and purity and then there is some self-sovereignty, that is control over all our sense organs, physical organs. So, when we have these two crowns, two authorities which Baba gave us. In the Copper Age, these are divided, they call it church and state. So political power is with the state, and the religious power is with the church. So politics and Raj-satta, Dharma-satta get divided in the Copper Age. It's only at the Confluence Age that we attain these, but we continue in the Golden Age, Silver Age, the rulers have both powers, and then the prophets start coming. Prophets have religious power and the kingdom they have is not self-sovereignty but they have a crown of sovereignty. It is very interesting to understand how when Baba comes, He gives us both the powers. At this time, the power of purity and power of self- sovereignty, the two crowns are given to us. So at this time, we reclaim our kingdom, our powers, and authority or the rights Baba is giving us. We are imbibing this knowledge and making efforts to be the embodiment of that.

Baba is giving us our homework for tomorrow, and Baba said that your personality should be a personality of spirituality. Baba is not talking about purity or peace. Baba is talking about humility, that nothing should be with authority and force, but be humble. Even if you want someone to understand, if they have done anything wrong, or to correct them, you don't react and be forceful, but rather you use humility. Baba is saying that then that will be your personality of purity, of spirituality. We can't see Shiv Baba in action, but when Shiv Baba was in Brahma Baba, we could see how humble He was, but then Brahma Baba himself as corporeal was very humble.Baba never even taught us with the force, never used any words, he was gentle, polite and very humble. So even if he has to say, “children”, Baba will say, “sweet sweet children.” At least he uses the word sweet three times. Baba was very humble and always used to say, “I'm your obedient servant. I have come to serve you.” Sometimes Baba said, “I have come to make you pure from impure.” Why does He do that? Of course, that's what He is, but also for us to learn from His example. So that is saying ‘follow Father’. ShivBaba through Brahma Baba, acts to set an example for us, and that example is possible only with the awareness of humility. He sets an example because He knows that we all will be able to follow. Baba always kept his children ahead of him. He never said, “No, you come behind me.” Baba always kept the children in front. If there is even a little bit of force, kind of anger or reflection of ego even if a little bit comes, Baba says that service cannot continue, that it will become a big obstacle. So it's very important and necessary that we all remain very humble, not forceful, and have the awareness that we are in the service of God. So, I have to follow Baba. I also have to set an example, because whatever we do, others will follow. So be polite, be humble, and also always be very peaceful and loving. This is what Baba is giving us, two crowns, and making us self- sovereigns. It's such a beautiful combination.

Om Shanti

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