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The service of giving happiness #13

Construct_the_New_World_13 Mohini Didi July 13, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! One of the ways to connect with Baba is offering of Bhog. Whether it is the soul who did transition, change of body, change of part, or to celebrate their birthday with Baba. The question always arises, that some when their birthday is about to come, they start thinking of Baba and they say we have to offer Bhog to Baba. There are some who want to stay incognito because they said we don’t celebrate, but Baba also says to at least have a celebration with Baba, in whatever way. As soon as the thought comes of offering Bhog to Baba, the soul gets connected to Baba. When we are connected with Baba, what I find and I feel is that there are so many simple and complicated things within the soul, from past sanskars, karmic accounts, and influences. So, when we go to Baba, Baba really works on the soul and after offering Bhog, we feel very different.

Today was very interesting, I was just feeling it, how you don’t feel it, but everything is moving. If we look at the clock, we can see so many minutes passed, so many hours, so many days and years. Within eternity what is moving? Everything is moving. So, like Baba is saying, “Why do you all get stuck with what happened a few days ago, what happened yesterday, and you are still thinking about it. Why don’t you move also?” If you keep moving, then you see the new scenes of Drama. If you compare, like it used to be like this, and now it’s not like that, it will change. Baba says that you are with Baba, so this change will bring a very joyful experience if you just internally stay with Baba and stay light. These days, make a promise to yourself, be determined, that I am not going to take anything, not only sorrow but I will not be heavy about anything. As soon as there is a situation, first you surrender to Baba, and then you stay in very good remembrance. Have good wishes for everyone, and things get clear so quickly, and so nicely. The whole atmosphere becomes very light. As Avyakt Bapdada said also in the Murli, we should lie with joy, live happily if you have to live, otherwise it's not a life. As I said, give a positive thinking course to your own self also. Have determination, any thought that is negative, that is about doubt or worry of the future, what is going to happen, think “Drama”. Whatever has to happen is happening, and will be happening, but I have to play my part with a lot of joy and happiness. I will not think much about what’s going on, what will happen. Baba is with us. Until now, Baba has sustained us, and Baba will continue to sustain us. So, Bhog is a good way. I also look forward to Thursday because it’s a good chance to go to Baba, and Baba touches us with so many different experiences. So, again Happy Satguruvaar.

So, Baba is saying that the true service is to bring joy, happiness to everyone. How do we do that? Baba is giving an example of a loaded tree, full tree, full of leaves, flowers, and fruits. Have you all seen such trees? It has an attraction. It pulls the soul, and we like to go there or sit there because it gives shade. The beauty of the tree is that it always gives. Nature has this quality. Like air, if you breathe, you get life, light. Every element actually gives. I don’t know how many of you are aware that big flooding is happening in India. They are saying we don’t know if tomorrow there will be a fort in Delhi or not, because half of the Red Fort is under water. Some of the walls of the River Yamuna had broken, so the water is constantly flowing all over. Everything is almost at a standstill. Not only that, but there is a lot of risk also, when people’s shops are closed and can’t go to work, cars are stuck, and their whole life is affected. It's very interesting to see how the elements sustain us. If we haven’t followed certain rules, it can automatically be very dangerous. Why does flooding happen? There are many reasons, we know that because water has its own space. You cannot stop it. So, I think that our holiness, our purity, gives us the capacity to even control nature. It will never hurt you; it will not harm you. So, that is why we serve nature also. Not that I want, I want, but it is what I give also. I always say when you are walking around, looking at trees and flowers, they also have such beautiful vibrations for them also. Serving nature, as Baba said, is also very important.

So, it's a life of joy and life of service. If we only take and not give, that doesn’t work. So, Baba is saying that true service is to give joy and happiness to others, and that is the way the tree serves. Baba says that a soul, one who is humble, will give joy and happiness to everyone. I notice that there are teams, groups of people, they work together, they serve together. If all are humble, nobody is sulking, nobody is upset, nobody is disturbed, nobody gets angry or pushes for their own ideas, they could do an excellent job. That’s what we all have to create now within us, humility. Then that humility is also with self-respect. We are not subservient. Humility is a very good quality. Even Brahma Baba used to say, “Salutations to children, salutation to mothers, I am your server.” So, to be humble and to serve, you will be able to give a lot of joy and happiness to others. Baba is saying that humility is very important, and that humility also should be based on self-respect, because ego is very subtle. I am higher, I can do more, I did this. Looking at everyone, I find everyone is special. I didn’t see any soul who doesn’t have a specialty. If we all were not different, what would it be like? So, everyone has a lot of specialties, a lot of good qualities, but everyone’s part is different. That part doesn’t make you big or small, high or low, it’s a part. You have been given that part, you are playing that part. I have been given a part, I am playing the part. I always feel that I’m just playing my part. So, internally being joyful yourself, and in front of Baba, you are happy and content, you keep getting blessings. So what is there to complain about? If we have to move forward then be joyful, be humble, and give everyone joy and happiness. So that isBaba’s Avyakt murli and homework for tomorrow. the signal is to be joyful, and to give joy, happiness, be humble, like a full tree, a loaded tree.

Om Shanti


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