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The Seat of Self-Sovereignty #9

Embodiment_Of_Solutions_9 Mohini Didi September 9, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay, everyone is well? Yes. Our Father is so great, so loving. He loves the children and wants to make them worthy, great sovereigns, and every day Baba gives us a new title. I was thinking that every Avyakti signal is a title. It's like a seat Baba gives us, and we only need to sit on that seat. I think that experience comes only when we create that seat of awareness and sit on it. Sit and then observe or respond or interact with others, then you see how the power of awareness is working. Otherwise, in the intellect, yes, we accept and we like it, but then to practice and to really experience, it’s important to be seated on the seat of awareness Baba gives us every day. So, for tomorrow, our practice will be the seat of self-sovereignty. Especially, when there are problems, you really need that seat, because we could immediately react and respond in a way that is not appropriate or say something that could increase the problem instead of resolving the problem. If I am seated on the seat of self-sovereignty, then I have all my organs under control. When you are solving a problem, it is a very good idea to be the image of solutions. So, we combine this with the practice that avyakt BapDada reminded us of, our original eternal stage. Let me be loveful, peaceful, pure, have that original eternal stage, and be seated on the seat of self-sovereignty. I think that combination will definitely help us to find the right solutions, and we will become the image of solutions. So, Baba is helping us to stay seated on the seat of self-sovereignty. Baba says that those who are victorious jewels will never step away from any task.

Sometimes you can’t manage so you just give up, right? They will never step away from any task, any problem or any person, because the karmic account will still continue. However, while being cooperative, while performing every action, facing every situation and being cooperative, they will maintain their attitude of unlimited disinterest. Not moving away, but being with everyone doing the actions, Baba says that they will never complain about others. At the time of problems, they will be seated on the seat of self-sovereignty and will be able to become the embodiment of solutions. I am really very excited to see what difference there will be on the seat of self-sovereignty. We have to remember to bring benefit to everyone, and not waste our time and energy talking about others, thinking about others, but rather self-contemplation, swa chintan and atmik chintan. So, Baba wants us to become the image of solutions and then I really feel more courage. Sometimes we feel that we are above everything but still, we do it. If I am above and beyond and do not do it, it’s like you go on the stage and do not play your part. If you are on the stage, then you play your part, you will enjoy it, and you will see you really played it beautifully. So, Baba said that there may be a person or a situation or action, task, because there are challenges in all three. When all organs are under control, not only in control, but your eternal stage, I think the words that will be spoken, the attitude, everything will bring the solution. The title that Baba is giving us is ‘image of solutions’.

Om Shanti

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