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The Practise of Bodilessness Makes Me a King #7

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_7 Mohini_Didi June 7, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well? It was really a heavenly experience, understanding the relationship of soul and body, and in the Golden Age when all the elements will be satopradhan and souls will naturally be in the stage of soul consciousness. I think that to have respect for the body is very important, and always remember that every thought that comes in the mind goes into the body, knowingly or unknowingly. So, to have contentment will definitely help the body not only to heal, but also to stay healthy. When there is contentment, then we have, what Baba says is, a pleasant nature. There is no sulking, off moods, subtle irritation, and many little things that are not healthy for the soul or the body. As much as we are pleasant in our nature, that lightness and cheerfulness creates an atmosphere that is also very pleasant. In that atmosphere, we all are sustained in a beautiful way. When there is tension, or when there is any kind of lack of contentment, that energy, that atmosphere is not really healthy for the sustenance of human life or spiritual life.

So, I like the words that were used during the commentary. It so beautifully said the kind of feelings we will have from the body. It will be a satopradhan body, gentle body, and everything will be through our eyes, and there will be a lot of happiness. I think we are there, and each one of us has to look at our chart. So, it is self-sovereignty through the bodiless stage. I really loved the way it was presented, that in the Golden Age we will not have to think about soul consciousness, but there will be soul consciousness in a very natural way. I really felt that at this time I was in the Golden Age, and I started feeling so much love for the body also. I keep reminding myself that every moment, every thought should be of love, peace, joy. As Baba has said, “The Confluence Age is a joyful life.” In the end, all of us have to settle in whatever way, some settle through mind, body, wealth, or relationships. Whatever is happening to anything, I don’t worry, but rather, I move forward, become subtle, angelic, and feel that I am reaching my destiny, the destination of becoming perfect. So, all these challenges that come are helping us to move towards our final stage of perfection, but we should not worry about anything. Just keep your spiritual journey, remembrance of Baba, pure thoughts, and good wishes for everyone.

I feel that this has been presented in such a good way that we could feel good that our body is satopradhan now. The soul cannot do anything without the body. There was always a feeling that life or body is the gift from God, and that is why people always live with some discipline. Disciplines are respect for the body, because they always have some significance. So, it is good for the body to be disciplined. When we come to Baba, we have certain principles, and I find especially the food and the money are pure. From that money, the food is bought, then it is cooked in remembrance of Baba, offered to Baba, and then in remembrance we feed the body, and we call it Brahma bhojan. That is also important to keep our body very pure. When Dadi Janki came to London, one thing she taught everyone is to cook everyday one time. Many people will just cook for three or four days, and keep eating that food. We have to offer bhog to Baba, but then Dadi said that this way, your body will also get fresh, healthy food every day, instead of eating from the fridge or stale food. Every day Baba gets Brahma bhojan, so Baba’s children also get Brahma bhojan. So, we are also using matter in a very respectful way, offering to God, and then eating it. This is a very sacred way to give blessings and take blessings from nature.

So, I really deeply felt during meditation that yes, the body is satopradhan, and in the Golden Age, there won’t be body consciousness. Even the bodies are beautiful and healthy. There is no vice because there is no body consciousness, so there is no ego, there is no lust, no greed, nothing. Just imagine, now everyone will have something or other, maybe a little bit of ego, some attachment, some greed or insecurity, but in the Golden Age, everyone is completely carefree. So, It's a very beautiful feeling, being bodiless means not feeling the body. It’s just above consciousness of the body, but still using the body in a very natural way. So, I really look forward to this practice tomorrow and see what experiences we have.

Om Shanti


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