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The Powerful Mind #20

Volcanic_Yoga_20 Mohini_Didi August 20, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well? Very good! We all have experienced that the mind means thoughts, and we know how powerful thoughts are. Depending on how we use the mind, we can experience how powerful it is. Yesterday, when I was offering bhog for Rakhi, Baba said in a beautiful way that when we tied Rakhi on Him, that Baba wants to give pocket money. It is a custom that after tying Rakhi pocket money is given. The significance of this gift is that your every thought will become a blessing, and blessing means success. That means the mind or the thought is powerful, so take care of how you use your mind. In the lokik world, every discovery, research, any invention, creation, everything comes from our mind, our thoughts. We have been experiencing that it is so difficult for human beings to control the mind. You know that is why they keep saying that I want peace of mind, I want to learn to concentrate, because the mind has such an unlimited speed. Also, when the thoughts come in the mind then you strongly feel that there is a current, that’s where the mind is going. Now we are spiritual, we are alokik, so we want our mind to be elevated and pure. Baba said in the Murli that you can not be without Baba, and Baba can not be without you.

So there’s a very strong love relationship with Baba, whether it’s Baba’s love, Baba’s sustenance, Baba’s protection, whatever way we want to keep the presence of Baba. There’s so much love, but still Maya plays the game of hide and seek. Baba is Merciful, He said that we don't only get rid of Maya, but we want to become the conqueror of Maya. That means whether it is faith, it’s love, everything has to be consistent and strong. So concentration of mind, and yesterday Baba talked about control of mind. Whatever we require is through practice, whether physical, mental, intellectual, everything is practice. I see many many singers, they sing a song and they remember the whole song. When I look at them, they don’t use paper, they just remember the song because they pull their mind there. So what Baba wants now is that our mind is flying. A powerful mind will fly and that is why in our regular conversation, we say to get over it, let it go, that means let go of the past, don’t allow the same thought to bother you. Even if the situation is gone, we keep thinking about that situation, but it’s gone. Why do I want to bring the same experience? For me, what I try to do, if something happens, challenging or something was not according to what we had planned, let it go, to talk about that, bring back that experience was not good. Why am I thinking? Why am I bringing that experience again and again? So again it’s the habit of mind, right? For me, I say, well, it was not good, so why should I think about it? When you think, the same experience will emerge.

So, our homework for tomorrow is to look at the power of your mind, the powerful mind, and see what practices are required at this time. In lokik way, if you have a home, which we all have, the mind really loves home. So our home of the soul, eternal home, we know is ‘Paramdham’. Then at the Confluence Age, our Avyakt BapDada is in the angelic world. So the mind should be able to connect there. Baba is saying that the sign of your having a powerful mind is that you can reach wherever you want within a second. How long does it take to reach Delhi through thoughts? One second. I am in Delhi, I am with the family, I’m enjoying it, the whole experience comes within a second, and your mind has learned how to fly. So develop the practice, you should be able to reach wherever you want within a second. So one moment you should be in the corporeal world, within a second you should be in Paramdham. Have this practice of reaching Home in a second, Paramdham in a second. When you have to go to Paramdham, you have to go beyond body, five elements and then there’s a world of total silence and peace and completely bright light and that’s the Home for the soul, ‘Soul World’, ‘Incorporeal World’ and that means a bodiless stage, nothing should pull the soul, whether it’s one’s own body, anyone’s bodily relationships or anything, any object of the world.

So, what kind of stage is required to go there within a second? All that should be practised and it’s really during World Meditation Hour, I was looking and seeing if I can go Home within a second. We have experience within a second going anywhere, connecting with a person, connecting with a place, connecting with an experience, connecting with a situation, connecting with an event. It’s not only that you reach there, but your experience of that moment also emerges. It was so beautiful, it was so lovely, it really felt so good. So within a second, as I said, not only do you reach but also your experience. Baba gives a good example, if you like a mango and the thought of mango comes, so all the different kinds of mango, the taste of mango, everything just within a second emerges. So whatever we like, the mind within a second reaches there. So our practice of soul consciousness, remembrance of Baba, going to the incorporeal world, everything should be a good practice because ultimately all our journey has to culminate there. The soul in the end has to go to the incorporeal world. So, tomorrow a few times, practice goin to Paramdham within one second or be Swadarshan Chakradhari in one second. I think that definitely will help us.

Om Shanti


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