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The Power of Concentration #9

Stay_in_Avyakti_Silence_9                      Mohini_Didi                  January 9, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone! 

Everyone, okay? I feel happy to see each one of you. It’s good to turn on the video so at least we can meet each other. Baba and science have given us such a device. As soon as we turn on Zoom, we see the whole family and it brings happiness. We are able to not only share the knowledge, but also the vibrations, everyone’s love for each other. Baba’s unlimited family, Avyakti Parivar. Parivar is family, and in a family we share everything. If we cook something, we want everyone to eat. Anything happens, sometimes very challenging, we still share. It’s not only that when there is happiness we are together. We are together all the time. A lot of ideas come to mind. You feel that we were all like this last kalpa. There was a time when Sakar Baba used to say that in an exhibition,  put a very big Laxmi-Narayan translight that says, “5000 years ago, we were this and we have to become it again.” These days, we don’t say as much that Drama repeats, everything repeats. They are not able to accept the repetition of Drama as we did. As we say, Drama is benevolent. Whatever happens, there is some benefit in that. So, how do I have a clear vision of what I should do in the future? Look inside, some kind of feelings or signals start coming, but to understand those signals and to act accordingly requires a third eye. Your intellect has to be very clear and not conditioned by anything, total concentration. Baba explains what total concentration is, it is that ‘mine is One Baba’. There is nothing else in the mind. Everything of mine is merged in this one One,’Mera sab kuch tera’. 

The power of concentration will increase and this will easily enable you to experience the Avyakt stage. Avaykt stage is going beyond everything. Vyakt is visible. Avyakt is invisible. So, you internally feel like you go beyond everything, gone above everything. We become angels in a physical way, very interesting. Let your mind concentrate on what you want, it’s an idea, plan,what you want, however you want and for however long you want. That’s how Dadi Prakashmani was in every thought. When I looked at Shantivan, the land was taken and Baba started giving plans. Those days, Dadi Gulzar used to bring messages. So, the first year, 10,000 came. Dadi Prakashmani said, “Baba, now it is the end, why do we need such a big place?” Still there are many who haven’t created their fortune and they will come. So, Baba says that this is known as having your mind under your control. It’s not that you are bubbling with ideas and enthusiasm. That is good, but clarity is important. So, concentration is with this stable and constant stage of sweet silence. To get that thought accomplished is sweet silence. Not just thinking, keep thinking, keep planning. No, just have plans and have ideas and leave it. Go into silence. You will easily experience the double-light angelic stage. I think you all understood and that is when only Baba is mine and everything else is merged in Baba. You will only remember Baba. Just like the key to the lock can’t open without the key. So Baba becomes like a key for us; Baba you will take care. Baba, you will do it. Baba will make it happen. It’s like you are invoking Baba to come and give you power and help you. So it is very interesting. So you are getting your task done, your stage is becoming angelic. 

So this sweet silence is something very important. One is just to keep saying ‘my Baba’, it’s only One Baba. These days there are so many different, I should say, distractions. Even if we see someone giving a very good class, even with Dadi Gulzar, we had so much love for her and she used to joke. If someone said, “Dadi, even if Baba doesn’t come, when we take drishti we feel Baba in you.” She would say, “You all come with that bhavna, so I have to keep my stage. Why do they come to see me? They want to feel, to experience Baba.” So, I think it’s a signal to all of us not to be in your personality, let it be Baba. Let Baba give drishti to everyone. So, it is so beautiful to have clear insight,  clear vision. Then we very smoothly are able to play our part without any heaviness, confusion, or fear. If it happened last kalpa, it is definitely going to happen and it will be benevolent, good for me. So, it is a very beautiful signal for tomorrow. We practice and see the difference of your thinking today, and your ideas of today and tomorrow. We will all experiment together and see what our experiences are by evening. 

Om Shanti

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