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The More You Use, It Will Increase #19

Account_of_Accumulation_19 Mohini_Didi March 19,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, well? It’s beautiful weather here. Not cool or hot, and it has been raining, very pleasant, clean but very crowded. Lots of Baba’s children, and all the small streets of Shantivan are full. People park cars, and the kitchen and dining room are open for all 24 hours. One meal finishes then another starts, then that finishes, there is bread, there is milk, there is ice cream, everything. It’s Baba’s home. Everyone feels we have come to our parents ' home. Is there any place where you can have everything free and as much as you want? So, Baba has been talking about planning for a savings scheme. Whenever you have to have savings, you think about where you can get more interest. Sometimes people have to take it for five years because you get more. Those who know that they have to spend don't put it in a long term savings account. Here it's completely different. A lot of people put their valuables, their jewelry, and many things in the lockers, but Baba is starting with the most valuable of Confluence Age. What is most valuable at the Confluence Age? It’s time. Most of our earning and savings can be done through time. Earning is what we do anyway, something or the other. We are busy, but what is the quality of what you are doing? You can serve by your bhavna, pure feelings, love. If you have to speak, can you see my inner stage, my concentration, my stability?

So, now you are earning double; thoughts, words, and then you are doing actions also. If we can do all three at the same time, your time is being used, and that will multiply. That means that you are able to do what you have to do in a short time. Some people take a long time, a lot of time. They do it then redo it, then have to redo it again, but those who have concentration, value time, they don’t have to do it again. There is a saying that people take more time in redoing, but in the beginning when we do it, we do it properly. So, always think of how I can save time. It doesn’t have to be fast and quick. Then you find that it didn’t go well, could have been better. The quality of contentment in what you are doing is very important. You can think, each one of you, because we all have different duties. How can I do it so I don’t have to do it again? Do it so you don’t have to take longer and longer, but do it so that it takes less and less time.

Baba is talking about the use of knowledge. The use of knowledge could be creating elevated thoughts, which are valuable. One is to just have thoughts. The mind always has thoughts, it never stops. The other is thinking, and reasoning, that is intellect based on knowledge. That means that I have to think based on knowledge. We think, then we say “Oh, it is all Drama”, but we should say this after internally having this feeling of knowledge that everything is Drama, it’s accurate, it’s wonderful. So one is okay, there are a lot of thoughts coming. I have to put full stop. The other is while being aware of Drama, while being aware of your own part, while being aware of the parts of others, you are playing a part, you are appreciating and have the knowledge in the intellect, it’s all Drama. So every point of knowledge, whether it is Drama or the three aspects of time, deciding something in life, beginning, middle and the end. There are some people, they are very fast in deciding, which is good, but it's after deciding, after doing, I feel that I could have done it differently or better. This is not what Baba says. Emerge Baba and what Baba is saying, and then do it. So, this is called the use of knowledge.

Everytime we listen to the Murli, everytime we listen to the points of knowledge, we always have to remember that my thoughts, my words and actions should be based on knowledge. Knowledge means virtues. There is a saying that knowledge is light, might and virtue. Virtue in the sense of it is the action. Like you need an electrician to fix a light or a fuse. Knowledge changing into virtue means he has that talent to fix electricity, to fix the fuse. So use knowledge everywhere, so there won’t be any problem. Every problem begins with thoughts. Sometimes we think that it's not my problem, it's from outside, but if I am even seeing a problem, I am part of it. Knowledge is the answer to everything. So remain in that stage. We think, knowledge, virtues we put in the locker of the intellect. So, the intellect says that I have knowledge, I know everything, so you have put on the lock. So to be happy and have intoxication that I have knowledge, I have all the virtues. So, you have them in the locker and you are proud of that. Baba says, “No, that’s not the way it should be.” Baba says don’t try to just have the feeling of ‘I have it’. That means you have it in the locker. As much as you use the image of virtue, the image of knowledge, that much, it increases. Not only does it increase, but because the sanskars are being created, that is saving. Once you do something in a very natural way, once you do it based on knowledge and it becomes your nature and sanskar, it goes in the locker, but it's being used. Whenever you want, you can use it.

Very interesting, when some people think about savings, they put in the fixed deposit, that means you cannot use it. What do we do? Do we keep the knowledge in the fixed deposit? I have it, but I don’t use it. So, reflect on that, and more churning, that’s our homework. Reflect on that and try to practice. As much you practice, more understanding and clarity will come. Whether it is time, virtues, or power, real understanding comes when you practice. As much as you practice, you will know the truth. You will know exactly what is the meaning behind it. So, have savings, but not in the fixed deposit. Have savings that you can use anytime for yourself or God’s task, to serve. That’s why we call it savings. So, this is good homework for today.

Om Shanti

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