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The Link of Remembrance #9

Volcanic_Yoga_9 Mohini_Didi August 9, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Everyone is well? Very good! There is always some importance, some significance in every scene of Drama, right? When I see so many of you in Avyakti Parivar, your presence, and many of you do yoga from six o'clock, the biggest contribution to the Yagya and the world at this time is the contribution of yoga. Baba had been talking a lot about the power of yoga, yoga as fire. So when you are doing yoga, wherever you are, any centre, you are in a way helping to sustain the Yagya, and that is very important. Baba makes us sit together, especially those who are in Avyakti Parivar, everyone sitting at their own place. You have your own window, separate room or wherever, but at least we are collective at the same time we all are sitting and having yoga. Baba’s words are simple, but because they are Truth, they are very deep, and those words can only bring meaning and power to us when we deeply reflect on them, and try to experience them. Like when Baba is using the word ‘link of remembrance.’ After sitting for 10 minutes, after listening and talking, we realise that this link, through the thoughts, through love, is a very subtle link. There can also be interference, that's when the link breaks. Baba says, “Children you should remain in self-respect,, you should have humility, you should consider yourself to be instruments”. Now we are making those teachings as our awareness or smriti, and I have to remember that I am just an instrument. Automatically everyone feels this, Yesterday, someone from a country from the East was saying, “We try our best, but it’s Baba who is making it happen, it's Baba who is getting it done.” It's like we keep the word ‘Baba’ coming.

When we have inculcation of each point, there shouldn't be any little percentage of ego. Yeah, we have self-respect. I am very good at this. It's good to have awareness of your specialties. When Brahma Baba became avyakt, Didi Manmohini was given responsibility, because when Mama left the body, Didi Manmohini was invited, she was in Delhi. So she continued, and after Brahma Baba, Dadi Prakashmani joined Didi. So then Dadi and Didi, two of them, were taking care of us as a family. Dadi Prakashmani always used to say, “I wake up in the morning at three o'clock and I tell Baba, ‘Let both of us take care of Yagya today’.” I used to take Baba as my Companion, and then start planning the day, and the whole day I would feel that Baba is the One who is making things happen. Then it's not that we take care of such a big Yagya. To take care of one center, two centers, to be in Madhuban, to do it accurately, do it promptly, do it punctually. So much responsibility comes and she said, “I always remain very light, because I feel Baba is with me all the time.” So, I am talking about smriti-awareness of Baba in some way or another whole day. This could also be experienced as a link, an unbroken link of remembrance.

Remembrance is much easier than yoga because with ‘remembrance’, you can only remember anyone from the heart. You cannot remember through intellect. It’s where your love is, you are naturally pulled, you think of that person so many times during the day because of the love. So there is love of heart. One of the aspects I remember even before coming in gyan, I always believed whether it's Divine, whether it's One who is Truth, or God. I knew that there is only one relationship that is eternal and imperishable, that is with One. We know like this one is born, a relationship is formed, and this one left the body, so the relationship ends. Every relationship we see the beginning and end. Only with One is there no beginning and no end, whether we recognize or not, whether we know Him or not. The relationship is always there, that's what I always felt. So my support, my strength, my everything is with One. Of course, when we come in the body then brothers, sisters, all relationships are there, but as a soul, there's relationship with One. When that belief is there, that realisation is there, that becomes a link of remembrance. It cannot be broken really. Doubts? Doubt about what? Doubt also is one of our weaknesses, right? Whenever the mind is weak, then we start thinking in the way we can call them doubts. When the mind is powerful, then you always think with a lot of faith, a lot of feelings of victory, pass with honour, and very positive thoughts come.

So maintaining this link of love, of remembrance, is possible when we understand the soul’s relationship with the Supreme Soul. Anything happens, but that relationship, even sometimes we might not feel it, but it's always there. So keeping everyone's realisation and recognition of whom we belong to, there can be consistent love, and the link of remembrance. Only then can you have powerful volcanic remembrance. Baba says that we should have the link of remembrance constantly connected, but if the link breaks often, then it needs time for it to be connected again. So that takes effort, then instead of being powerful, the link becomes weak. So how to have that constant, powerful, consistent link? So internally, when I was talking about the relationship with Baba, not all relationships, only just one relationship of soul and Supreme Soul. All relationships are more at the Confluence Age, even during all other ages we do think of God in different relationships besides soul and Supreme Soul. Baba says that when a meeting takes place, then Maya interferes, tries to break it. We have to keep the aim to maintain it. Tomorrow's homework will be our reflection at Amritvela. Amritvela is a good time, when you watch inside to see if my link of remembrance is consistent.

Om Shanti


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