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The intoxication and happiness of the present time #10

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_10        Mohini_Didi               March 10, 2024

Om Shanti!

Many times, we ask Baba, how long will it take for the Golden Age to come? How long will it take for destruction to happen? When are we going to go to the Golden Age? I also sometimes say to Baba that we are ready for the Golden Age, but the way Baba is explaining, the present time is very important for us. The Confluence Age is very important. Whatever you are able to attain at the Confluence age, you will carry in the Golden Age. If I'm not very happy, I'm not consistently happy, then I won't have sanskars of happiness, then how will I go to the Golden Age? Baba had been saying that you are emperor of the land free from sorrow. Don't give sorrow, don't take sorrow. Whatever happens, there is some benefit. Whatever happens, it's accurate Drama, it had to happen, but see the benefit in it. Many times, we are able to attain power, sometimes we are able to have good experiences, sometimes we are able to experience Baba’s help and company. That is why Baba said that the Confluence Age is a very important age of all attainments. So, just be free from sorrow and be the king of the land of sorrow. So Baba is saying that there is intoxication and happiness in the present time. The Golden Aged sovereignty is nothing compared to this Confluence Aged sovereignty. Sometimes when we think that we are really masters, we have so much freedom, we have so many choices, such an unlimited family, there are so many things that are very special at the Confluence Age. The intoxication and happiness of the present time is multi million times more elevated than the sovereignty of the Golden Age. So always maintain the intoxication and happiness of this birth or this image. So today let us have the intoxication of sovereignty of the Confluence Age. 

Today is a very important day for Baba's family. We are all thinking about Baba’s chariot, Dadi Gulzar. She was able to have the kind of equivalent efforts to maintain that stage to be Baba’s chariot. I remember when somebody told Brahma Baba that it might be easy for you because Shiv Baba comes in you, so you don't have to make much effort. Baba said that if I have to get reward, then I must make an effort, and that effort is of remembrance. Baba used to pay a lot of attention to be in remembrance. Now, when it comes to Dadi Gulzar, she used to invoke Baba a lot. Everyone who went to meet her wanted to experience Baba. One time she was sitting and some souls were saying, “Dadi, just coming in front of you, I experienced Baba.” She said, “That's why you come to me, to experience Baba, so I have to do it. I have to invoke Baba.” She created that stage through remembrance, through invocation, so that we could experience Baba. So what I really appreciate a lot is her effort, the quality of the effort to be like Baba, and for us to experience Baba from her. So today, we will go in the morning to the memorial of Dadi Gulzar and pay our respects by putting a garland around her picture. Dadi Gulzar was the second chariot for Baba. When Brahma Baba became avyakt, then according to Shiv Baba’s directions given through the trance messenger, that after this Dadi Gulzar would be the medium. You would be surprised that in the beginning, Baba would come every day. Some days the groups were big and Dadi would stay all night. I used to stay until 12 then go down, and then come back again, but Dadi Gulzar would be sitting there. Just imagine, no moving, nothing. That's like bodiless stage in a way. God's power which she received, that we all received, was really very much being experienced from Dadi Gulzar. I appreciate her stage, I appreciate her being the instrument, and then for me, I am very fortunate that we both were in Delhi. Somewhere or other we did service together for the whole of Delhi. I was in the South, she was in the North. We shared ideas, we planned together, what we could do for all in Delhi. So she was very friendly, very lovely, very humble, very respectful. You can talk about all the qualities she had. So our respects to Dadi Gulzar. For 40 plus years, she served with her body as BabaDada’s medium. So, lots of love and respect for Dadi for today. 

Om Shanti


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