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The Inheritance Of Completion #23

Become _an_Avyakt_Angel_23 Mohini_Didi April 23, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

It was a beautiful Murli this morning. It's Baba’s love, and Baba’s love is power. You can go to Baba to feel loved anytime after doing anything. Sometimes in life maybe you make mistakes and you don't feel that I can go to anyone. It could be parents or anyone to get love, because you are guilty of that, but for Baba you just go to Baba even if you have done anything that is not right, Baba will love you. Why does Baba love you? Baba knows that you will change, you will become perfect. So it's like generally we know that I can go to Baba at any time for anything. I had been feeling for a few days this eternal relationship, and there is only really one relationship, and that is with the Supreme Soul, that's with God. All relationships according to the part, karmic accounts, in all the ages, in the whole cycle. There is only one relationship of the soul with the Supreme Soul which is eternal, imperishable, and it's so much a feeling of just going to Baba.

We had been talking about Baba’s heart-throne. Baba had been talking about being a garland. Today He was talking about His arms, He takes everyone in His arms. So there is always this constant love from God, and if we absorb that love, we understand that love, then very naturally others will feel that love. Love is not something you gave right, you have love then others feel that love from you. Love is a quality that is more like a fragrance. When there is fragrance, smell it, you just feel it, nobody says I have to give fragrance, right? I also found in India, they have very small sized roses, very beautiful, but with a lot of fragrance. This word inheritance is not only about making efforts but the other is claiming inheritance. Whatever are Baba's qualities, we always say Ocean of Love, Ocean of Peace, He is unlimited and full. So each one of us, we have to become perfect and complete. That is our inheritance. Inheritance is something you just have to claim it, you have it. Just have this feeling inside that I was perfect and complete. That's where I began my journey in the cycle, but gradually going through the cycle of birth-rebirth, my degrees start reducing and then at the end of the iron age there are no degrees of purity or virtues. Then the Confluence Age begins. Baba said yesterday that when you are at the end, you think of the beginning. The Confluence Age is the beginning of another cycle and then you start feeling yourself becoming. Baba is saying that as you enter your final stage, whatever that degree is, there is the feeling of being complete and perfect. Then in adverse situations, you don’t feel like you have to tolerate, you don't even feel it. You stay calm, you stay peaceful, you stay very cool. Keep the thought ‘I have to pass with honor.’ We all have qualities, we all have virtues, but probably not complete yet. Whether it is physical, spiritual, mental, whatever way, whichever virtue, I need to pass with honor.

Being 16 degrees complete, generally, is a comparison to the degrees of the moon, it's a cycle, it keeps increasing then declining and then increasing. So, 16 degrees is like being perfect in the following areas: the light of the soul, the might of the soul, the virtues of the soul, purity of the soul, and of course it could be the art of living. The word ‘kala’ could be decreased, and kala could be the art. There is a connection of love, purity, and creativity. Your purity is bringing changes in your vision, understanding, doing, and speaking. Everything will have that art, and will have something special. Like Baba said today, you will be alokik, spiritual, not ordinary. If we look at everything as a test for us, focus on my strength and all virtues, we become completely nonviolent, free from violence. Even to have one waste thought or negative word for anyone could be a violence, because they spread the vibrations, and it touches the soul. So, keep reminding yourself that I won't cause sorrow to anyone, and of course nobody really intentionally wants to do that. Also, if we take sorrow, you will give sorrow, where will it go if you have taken it? So have that attention of not feeling humiliated, left out, less loved. So many times, this is so natural and constant, but that shouldn't be there, right? Nobody cares for me. Baba cares for you, Baba is watching you, Baba is taking care of you.

So when there is this completeness and fullness, then you are not hurt for anything because it's then violence towards one’s own self. So as much as we become full and complete, there will be natural peace and love, that means no violence. I mean that’s a big power and it's very connected with purity and love. So, Baba wants us to feel that we are just claiming our inheritance and there was always praise of being complete in my stage. So feel that it's natural that we will become or we are becoming, and especially now, one should feel that stage of being complete and perfect because we have all those qualities. I mean we all are Baba’s allround children, only some percentage is left, and those little percentages have to be claimed and become complete.

So as we move forward, becoming angels from Brahmins, and then angel to deity. Just remind yourself of your inheritance, I have to claim and also during the day I have to be perfect, I have to be complete. Generally, we do a lot but in the end sometimes we just give up, right? So when we give up, then it's not all virtues, it’s not all the time, it’s then percentage. So keep this aim, continue with that when we take drishti from Baba. One of very important practices is to be completely detached from the body and just be a point of light, soul. So that pull is experienced. Today, I was practicing this being a point of light in a very concentrated way, it's what I am, completely free detached from matter, from the body. You could experience it naturally for yourself. I am 16 degrees full, yes, I am one who has all the virtues. That means see this full, there’s full moon, complete degrees and perfection. So it's very very interesting and we have to claim it. Baba has come to give us that inheritance. So keep reminding yourself that I am complete, I have to be full, I am full. It’s more natural, practical, and possible.

Om Shanti

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