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The fortune for being an instrument #1

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_1 Mohini_Didi November 1, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

I hope everyone is well with Baba’s love, Baba’s light, and Baba’s might! We can make a long list of our fortune, our attainments, and they’re so unique, comparable to what attainments are in the lokik world. In the Lokik world, anyone can get a gold medal or peace award. There are so many different kinds of awards, but ours are something very unique. One of them is becoming an instrument. Sometimes we choose a task and say that I will do it, and we do become an instrument. Then another time you don’t even think about it, but Baba chooses you, and Baba makes you an instrument. So, internally then there’s a lot of love for Baba, the feelings of joy, very humble, and we have pure pride that Baba trusts me, the family trusts me, to play or be an instrument. Actually the word is ‘nimmit’, means being an instrument. Sometimes you carry out a task of being an instrument for a special task of serving quality souls, you call them important souls, VIPs and IPs. It was in the fortune of that soul to get knowledge. You were able to give knowledge, but don’t keep thinking that I became an instrument to give knowledge to that one. They forget it was Baba. Some might say, “according to Drama” but I say that it was Baba who made me an instrument. From time to time you will get a chance to serve in a different way for different souls, but if you keep thinking I am the one who became an instrument, there’s ego, and that’s false. It was Baba who chose that child, because that child was ready. You got the fortune, but then who gave you that fortune? Baba and Drama. The one who is an honest instrument, internally, will know how it happened. It’s Baba who made it happen. So that happiness, that lightness as a different feeling that I became the instrument, or I was chosen. It’s my fortune, Baba gave me fortune. For example, who became an instrument for Avyakti Parivar? All of us. The love and the interest you have, being together with the family, to share that enthusiasm definitely makes Avyakti Parivar more consistent.

I always think about who is making it happen? Who is holding the reign of intellect of so many of us? Baba is using us as instruments. So, every day we say, “Thank You Baba”, You got it done. I think all those who help must be thinking that way. So we remain incognito, we don’t need to make any announcements of any names. Baba is using us, and we are instruments. Baba says that when you do this kind of service, you receive special blessings, to receive the fortune for being an instrument. Everyone’s vision is on those who become instruments. So, people start expecting and so then what happens? They also have attention on themselves and their effort. Baba said that their effort for themselves becomes easy. Expectations are there, but then you also say, “What should your image be like? What should be your interaction in relationship with others?” So, internally becoming aware that ‘I am an instrument’, helps us to have more attention on the self. Baba says that souls who have become instruments play their part accurately, they receive the help of cooperation from others.

Many souls ask Bhumiben, “You’re coordinating, how do you get cooperation? Is there ever any difficulty?” So many of you, actually it could be all of you, would want to do something whether make a video, or offer anything. We started all this after Dadi Janki became an angel, but same is the thought of giving a gift on behalf of Avyakti Parivar. The first year we made a calendar, and the second year we made a timeless calendar. It’s still being given to those who want it because it doesn't expire. So, we keep printing 5000 in India, and when it finishes, another 5000. So, when souls come to visit, we offer them the gift, and now of course another gift we are getting ready is 100 blessing cards. So, on behalf of Avyakti Parivar, we give these blessings all the time. So everyone feels very happy. That is what Baba is saying, that if you really do very sincerely internally in a humble way, you will receive the help and cooperation from others. It won’t be difficult, and it will be offered automatically. So be an instrument, be humble and constantly busy in God’s task. You will really be not only light, but double light, and you will be very happy, and constantly become aware of your fortune.

Om Shanti


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