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The Force of Attention #7

Volcanic_Yoga_7 Mohini_Didi Aug 7th,2023

Om Shanti !

Each word of Baba’s is like a scripture, because it has to be understood, experienced and experimented. Baba said, when your stage is like a lotus, you are able to sit on the lotus and of course, you have to be light. Just think lotus. Lotus flower is very lovely and it looks more beautiful and lovely because it’s on the pond. The pond is covered with lotus leaves and the lotus flowers are in the middle. Are they lovely first or detached first? It is lovely and we don't see any rubbish in the pond. The lotus has nine different parts connected with the roots. Only lotus is above, everything else is underwater. Most of the deities compare their eyes, hands and feet to the lotus. Their throne is lotus. The question arises, do I need to be detached first or lovely first? What attracts us to the lotus? It is because it is lovely, right? Then we think it is lovely because it is detached. Which quality do we need first, lovely or detached? Lovely, because that's what is attracting. Sometimes we say detached and lovely but that is when we know that yes, it is detached. What we see with the common eyes is, it's lovely.

This Sunday, Baba said, always be cheerful, always be light, always be happy, because that is missing in the world. How can we be lovely when sometimes we are lovely, sometimes less lovely? We are always lovely, but sometimes less. Very practically, many people think can you really be detached? It requires a lot of attention and practice, but when we look at Brahma Baba and Dadis, they did it. Sometimes there is the whole thing of, if I am detached, how will it work? It can really work. We start by understanding the spiritual power in relationships. As soon as we understand that, we can remain lovely. When I came here, I was entering and instantly, I don't know how the thought came about, that our Dada Yadav bhai left body. I know I will miss him because of his energy, his enthusiasm. Every night he will come talk about the menu. Is it attachment or what? Many times it happens that you're going through something and get a thought, but then I just say mansa seva. Let me send a lot of good wishes, Baba’s vibrations so that soul can come out of difficulty. With this spiritual love and the bond of spiritual love, we can call it pure attachment. The other is body conscious attachment.

Do you think Baba has attachment with us? Everyone is under Baba’s drishti. Some souls when they went to Baba in the beginning and were leaving, got so much love from Baba. “Baba, don't forget me”. That was when we gave love, remembrances, then na bisro, na yaad karo, I cannot forget you. Then he said, if I remember you, how will I remember Shiva baba? But then immediately said no, I will remember you, I will not forget you. He will think of us, but it's not that we forget Baba. Then connect with Baba and then give that love, that power to all others also.

What I'm saying is this whole idea of lotus, I thought this is how, even if we take one, two words from Baba’s murli go into deeper, churn it, try to feel it and see how practical it is to do, how much I am able to do? How much have I done? You can write a whole chapter on that. Many ask me how to churn knowledge. It is so simple, take any example which Baba gives. I have been thinking about wood fire, coal fire, stove fire, gas fire, electricity fire, which fire? Then I thought, it must be a woodfire, because nature provides wood, that will always be there. Gas fire might not be there. OK, let's use woodfire. For a wood fire what you need is a fan from the newspaper. Baba says that during the day, use the fan of attention. From time to time, ignite the flame of remembrance, there is flame, but you make it more. When the flame is not full, then there is smoke and we don't want smoke.

Tomorrow's homework is the force of attention. I am calling it a fan of attention. Force is to ignite it properly, you are constantly easy yogis. Yoga cannot be done forcefully, because the main element of yoga is love. When there is love, you don’t need effort to remember. Anything you love, your mind goes there. The mind goes there often. When there is true love for Baba, then there is remembrance. You simply have to make your stage of remembrance powerful every now and then. Make it powerful. Therefore, continue to fill yourself with the force of attention. When you imbibe purity fully, the power of your elevated thoughts will then ignite the fire of love and all the rubbish will be burned in that fire. Whatever you think about will happen. Fast service will also automatically happen. Pure thought has capacity. To make our thoughts pure and then, for that, you have to burn all the rubbish. For tomorrow, the fan of attention and make our fire strong. The fire of love and then see how it works and the change in our thought, the capacity of our thought, everything will increase.

Om Shanti !


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